Back In A Few!


Some crazy deadlines and projects all decided to make themselves due at the same time. Can you imagine that?

I’ll be back shortly!


  1. says

    I linked your site on my blog, so if that’s not cool just holler at me. Your insight on food is awesome, and I have your pickled onion recipe written down and ready to go. (I’m planning to take them camping) I also really enjoyed your entry on oysters. I used to be a fish monger, and have never met anyone who knew more about seafood than myself. 😉 Looking forward to future posts! ~Jesska

  2. bibi says

    I just stumbled, dare I say, staggered, actually, across your writings this morning, read everything on this site, and the previous one, and all i can say is… I love you. I miss you already. I want more.

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