It’s Totally Cheating

by Matt on June 19, 2006

… to post a picture and pretend it’s a blog entry. Yes, I know this, and yet I just had to do something.

Things are still crazy for me and I have yet to unravel the big ball of yarn that is called LIFE, but soon I’ll be back with some pretty wacky and delicious entries. To those who have written, you guys ROCK MY WORLD and make me happy.

In the meantime, get outside, enjoy a glass of wine, feel some sun on your skin and remember that life is meant to be lived and not stuck behind a computer scheduling photo shoots and hiring and firing stylists and photographers (I think you can tell why I’m so frustrated, no?)

Much love to all of you…..


Last Sunday involved copious amounts of rosé, friends, sunshine and grass between my toes. HEAVEN.