It’s Totally Cheating

… to post a picture and pretend it’s a blog entry. Yes, I know this, and yet I just had to do something.

Things are still crazy for me and I have yet to unravel the big ball of yarn that is called LIFE, but soon I’ll be back with some pretty wacky and delicious entries. To those who have written, you guys ROCK MY WORLD and make me happy.

In the meantime, get outside, enjoy a glass of wine, feel some sun on your skin and remember that life is meant to be lived and not stuck behind a computer scheduling photo shoots and hiring and firing stylists and photographers (I think you can tell why I’m so frustrated, no?)

Much love to all of you…..


Last Sunday involved copious amounts of rosé, friends, sunshine and grass between my toes. HEAVEN.


  1. says

    i think i speak for all of your faithful readers when i say, take your time. your words and your images are worth waiting for.
    i am really happy for you that you are so busy. well done.

  2. says

    We can wait; take your time!
    In the meantime, we will of course sit out, enjoy the warm weather and a glass of wine!!! There is more to life than living through a computer!…

    By the way, your picture’s great and very refreshing!

  3. kay says

    Yes. Wine and Sun. Don’t forget the World Cup! The picture looks quench thirsting, I could drink it off the page.

  4. says

    I am head over heels about roses right now. What kind did you have?

    Good luck in getting over all these (temporary) work-related hurdles!

  5. says

    You can always have a “mental margarita” during your work hours, just remember to keep breathing. My work is super-slow right now–need an assistant? I think your work sounds like great fun.

  6. Jesska says

    Me personally, I will spend my time playing in the little backyard pool with my three month old. *grin* There is nothing better than seeing his face light up when he realizes HE is making the waves…

    Best of luck with the work issues, and remember…some of us are living vicariously through your madness! 😉

  7. says

    Wow, I go away for a couple of weeks and I find you’ve gone and gotten yourself a brand new site!! I love it, and I can’t wait to have you back! Good luck with the ball of yarn, I can certainly sympathize :)

  8. says

    um… get outside? feel the sun on my skin? in TEXAS? you must have been addressing the other-than-texas-dwelling-non-redheads amongst your readers, matt.

    if i did as you suggest, i would burst into flames. it is HOT here.

    still, you’re completely worth the wait, and i will continue to happily click on my “matt” button on my toolbar every day to see if there’s a new entry from my boyfriend in long beach! miss you lots & love you, me.

  9. says

    Matt, I can’t wait for your next post :) Glad you could enjoy your weekend though – love the beautiful glasses (and the picture, of course).

  10. says

    Is that carafe of rosé one of the ‘projects’ you’ve been up to?

    Now it’s obvious why we haven’t heard from you in a while!

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