Weekend Bites

by Matt on June 23, 2006


Computer Love: Thanks to the blessings of technology I am actually in transit to San Francisco as I post this. God bless computers.

File Under Obsessive: Long Beach’s local Thai favorite Baiplu has seen us three times this week. Please ruin my Jan Pu and Deep Fried Trout next time so I can have an excuse to stop coming in. Clearly self-control isn’t working.
Gluttony Loves Company, Part 2: Yet another 24 hour jaunt in San Francisco. Let’s see how many meals I can cram into a day. Rest assured that oysters from Zuni will be included.
Bienvenidos! Amy is back from Cataluña and I can’t wait to jump into her reports from one of my favorite corners of the globe. Welcome back – we missed you!
Happiness is: An unexpected case of Navarro wines arriving in the mail. Now if I can have AOC’s bacon wrapped dates delivered to my door I’d never have to put shoes on nor leave the house.
David Blaine who?  Give me a case of Tim’s Habanero Potato Chips to photograph. I can make every bag disappear in a matter of days.

Try pressing option and then "U": We all agree that mistakes on press releases can be funny, but if you’re going to poke fun of one’s typographical shortcomings at least spell Häagen-Dazs on your own site correctly, for crissakes. Made up word or not, you’re the professional food writer, after all.

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melissa mcgee June 23, 2006 at 6:09 pm

you’re in san francisco?

i’ll be right there. save me an oyster!

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