Small Bundles

by Matt on June 29, 2006


Sometimes the things you love to get don’t arrive in big elegantly wrapped packages. Oftentimes the most amazing things fit in the palm of your hand – your wedding ring, a fresh Italian white truffle, a cherished photo of family members, and in my case, two new things I got today that I simply must share:

This is Bindi, the latest addition to our family. She’s the little sister of one of our current dogs – same parents, different litter. Eight weeks old and one pound of happiness. It doesn’t get any better than this.

This is an incredibly small grilled cheese sandwich that someone gave me today. I couldn’t eat it, I could only stare at its diminutive size and smile. Besides, how often does someone walk up to you and hand you miniature sandwiches? Now fill a suitcase with these things and we’re getting somewhere.

footnote: Not to worry. My upcoming food adventures will not involve Bindi; unless, that is, it involves leftovers for her to eat.