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Girl, Starbucks has done lost they minds: Tangerine and Pomegranate Frappuccinos. Movie marketing. Compact disks. Remember years ago when it was about coffee? Neither do I. And yet I’m still a patron.

6.25 lbs:  The number of heirlooms consumed this week at home. I won’t even dare list the amount of fresh mozzarella and burrata I ate.

It’s not my fault, I swear: A Recent report states a surge in Absinthe smuggling from Mexico. I smell a quick trip to TJ very soon.

Elderflower posts: Coincidence or Conspiracy? Do all food bloggers call each other and run stories simultaneously? And if so, how come I’m not getting the memos? Damn.

Melting Chocolate, Tight Jeans and Foot Shavings: In case I haven’t yet  publicly professed my love for everyone’s favorite pastry chef and writer, let me do it here: this man rocks my world like no other. The fan club site should be up and running shortly.


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    on starbucks: yes, i believe you to be completely correct. girl they HAVE lost they damn minds.

    but in my defense, i’m a complete sucker for pomegranate ANYTHING.

    so i caved.

    oh my GOD – have you HAD ONE??? sure, it was a poor substitution for my morning quad espresso-buzz, but DAMN. that’s a tasty non-caff frap.

    oh god i’m so embarrassed.

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    re: melissa and the pomegranate *$ stuff- with fingers plugged in her ears: la la la I can’t hear you…

    I thought their banana stuff was a bit off their rocker.

    Regarding elderflower: the simple answer is probably seasonality. Still never tasted it!

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    I would gladly lose a pair of shoes for a little rendez-vous w/ absinthe now that my feet are uncommonly microplane smooth. I think David is great & I’ll bet money there is a pretty good sized fan club out there for you!

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    Re elderflower: I’ve been noticing the same coincidence/conspiracy with cherries lately. Makes me envious that I can’t find good bunches of either.

    Re David L: I also love the man. I think I’m envious of him, too.

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    ABSINTHE, where are thou? I’ve had a long itch to taste it. Can you actually buy it here?

    P.S. The vodka experiment is next Friday (hopefully). I’ll post on the results.

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    Heirlooms? Heirlooms you say? I’ve yet to seem them appear at my farmer’s markets (although they are in season) those and pineapple tomatoes.

    There is no justice in this world….

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    I know what you mean about identical posts, it appears that there are 25 bloggers out there that are posting about this one cookbook…although i can’t remember what it was called.
    You don’t happen to be one of them do you?
    And don’t get me started on Starbucks, they are starting to invade Australia like the plague!

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