Weekend Bites

by Matt on July 14, 2006



Tighter Kerning! Less Leading! More Headlines! Keep Going Or Else!  Somewhere there’s a designer chained to his G5 with a militant editor standing over him, cracking the whip and forcing this poor soul to muddy up his design with incessant and totally embarrassing headlines.

For the love of God, why? With the exception of their subscription editions which maintain an austere and graphically pleasing cover, why do designers and editors feel the need to include an insane amount of redundant blocky type on the newsstand versions? They must’ve joined forces and conspired against my sensibilities as a graphic designer. It’s ugly, visually offensive, cluttered, noisy and jumbled. Why even include a cover photo at all?

Gourmet as supermarket tabloid, anyone?

The horn in which I shall toot: My first interview came out last week. It’s a story about professionals who blog about work, in my case I was the foodie example. I’d love to share it with you, but first I must go back to school. It’s in Japanese.


Por Fin! 
Brett from In Praise Of Sardines updates us Spanish food lovers on the state of real authentic Spanish meats and their availability in the United States. There is a reason why this man is so excited: taste the real deal and you too will surrender to true chorizos and Jamón Serrano.

And while we’re on the subject please run – don’t walk – to Joycelyn’s post on jamón serrano at Kuidaore. It is simply one of the most beautifully written and photographed postings ever.

Sidenote: I read his blog entry after lugging two whole jamon serranos all across Los Angeles county in the back of my car in 92 degree heat to a photo shoot. Sweating ham juice over a new interior is not fun.




You Can Sleep When You’re Dead: Sometimes as advertising and marketing professionals we come up with some of the lamest and most sterile campaigns and sit around and wonder why sales are down and our product won’t fly off the shelves. Matt’s Hint: Start with a good product.  I’m not quite sure how the ad agency managed to get this concept approved, but I’m sure glad they did! It’s clever, odd, strange, funny, and the best use of wigs I’ve seen since Trannyshack in San Francisco. Will it help sell more Folger’s coffee? Probably not.

See what I’m talking about here. And turn up your speakers!


Your emails: A few people have written and asked if I am insane or just strange. I say both. They have also asked exactly what my day job is, clearly not satisfied with my “I get fat” response. I am the director of advertising and creative services for a small but growing chain of specialty, upscale grocery stores based in Southern California. Is that evasive enough for y’all?


Trade Secrets Revealed: A few weeks ago three Coca-Cola employees were fired for attempting to sell trade secrets to Pepsi.  What’s so secretive about sugar, carbonated water and caramel color, I ask? Jeez.