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Figs, Finally:
The season is starting and one of my all-time favorite fruits will be making an appearance in just about everything I do.  Adam’s already created one of our summer food traditions, his fig and blue cheese focaccia. It’s no joke that I literally eat the entire thing in 1 day, and each year he tries something different with the surplus figs I bring home.  I’ll finagle the recipe from him and post it shortly. It’s that good.


You Scream, I know I Certainly Am.


Unlike a few other blogs that tend to take an alarmist, food activist approach to blogging, I am content to walk the middle of the line. However, in true head-scratching dismay, I must state that I neither approve nor understand the need to modify ice cream with cloned fish cells, unless the flavor is called “Vanilla Cloned Fish Cells”,  in which I’d probably enjoy it. But my point? Delicious bliss is best when achieved with natural flavors, butterfat and egg yolks; and if you can’t deal with the fat, well, you probably shouldn’t be eating ice cream.

Go ahead, snicker. Lord knows I shouldn’t be eating ice cream. But I do.


Black Robe? Check. Gavel? Check. Wig? Hell Yea!

I have the honor of being selected to judge August’s Does My Blog Look Good In This? and the monthly food photo competition. I was delighted to be asked by the amazing Helen of Grab Your Fork but I had no idea how tremendously difficult it would be to judge such amazing entries. The passion, love and dedication that goes into creating, photographing and blogging recipes inspires awe –plus a few hunger pangs, I might add.

My fellow judges include Joycelyn of Kuidaore, whom I could easily dedicate this entire blog to my love of her work. It’s insane how amazing she is. It’s insane how in-depth she is. I don’t want to play favorites, but her site is easily one of the best food blogs ever created. The phrase “I’m SO not worthy” comes to mind whenever I whisper the name “Joycelyn”.

Then there’s Julia of AromaCookery, a blog that is well informed and extremely entertaining. Plus she loves to cook, which instantly makes me love her. A wonderful wonderful blog.

And lastly there’s Melissa at Traveler’s Lunchbox. I feel the need to go on small rant here, so please bear with me. Why this woman hasn’t been snatched out of the blogosphere and made editor-in-chief of a food publication keeps me awake at night. Plus the fact that she should be at the top of the list when people mention photography, writing and food blogs instead of the regular three that are plucked for constant mentioning.  If I had to pick the best written, most candid, personal and entertaining story from the stacks of magazines I have to read each month, Melissa would come in #1 each and every time. Hands down. In my humble, goofy opinion, she is the best food writer I know.

The winner will be announced shortly!


Three Drafts, 7 emails and One Demanding Client Later…I recently created a new icon/banner for the DMBLGIT photo contest. It was such a great experience working with Helen on this, even if she is as demanding as the toughest art director* I’ve ever met! I’d love to reveal the winning design, but I am sworn to secrecy until the competition ends.

*I’m kidding I’m kidding! She’s nothing but a pleasure to deal with and the best part is that we speak the same design language. You know how rare that is? One of these days I’ll make it to Australia and have the honor of following her around, taking notes and worshipping her greatness. Seriously.


And finally I remembered! I’ll take my gold star now, please: Have you ever tried to find whole cranberries in July? It’s almost impossible. Yet every year I find myself scurrying to locate the little crimson gems. They’re imperative for holiday photography as they complete a festive Thanksgiving table (and nope, the stuff in the can doesn’t cut it). Luckily last year I remembered to stash a few bags in the freezer for exactly this purpose, and I’m beaming that I won’t have a shortage of them when I need them next week.

However,  talking turkey, mushroom stuffing and roasted duck sure seems strange when it’s 103 degrees outside. Still, I forge ahead. Pass the rolls and suntan lotion, please?


Say Cheese (I had to, I really had to): Next week I’ll be meeting with Vito Girardy of the Gioia Cheese Company, makers of burrata cheese. In case you haven’t heard of my obsession, I’ll go into great detail after the tour and only after I come back from the emergency room. I am so completely obsessed with his cheese that I have no doubt I will faint and collapse shortly after meeting my idol.

Then it’s off to San Francisco for a day of work. Who wants to have dinner?


  1. says

    lol. You are a legend, and not just because you called me an Art Director.

    ps. I will definitely take you on food tour around Sydney. So hurry up! I’m hungry!

  2. says

    When are you actually in San Francisco, dollface? Can I borrow your lipstick? It looks like that dried blood color I adore.

  3. says

    Dear, dear Matt, I can’t tell you how beet-red I am. I think I’m actually turning purple! I don’t think I deserve half as much praise as you’ve given me, but I am deeply touched – your opinion is, of course, highly respected around here! Thank you!!!

    You are a mighty and multi-talent yourself, and your blog has muscled itself into the small handful I would take with me to that proverbial desert island (where a cruel and tyrannical network provider only allows access to a few pre-selected websites, presumably ;).

    Now to stick my head in the freezer for a few minutes…


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    Hi Matt, i can’t wait for Adam’s fig and blue cheese foccacia. It sounds so so great.

    I completely agree with you regarding Melissa – she’s SO talented: beautiful writing, stunning pictures and her articles are always interesting.

    Joycelyn is another treasure – gorgeous pics and delicious stories. I especially love the way she magnifies a single ingredient by making different recipes.


  5. says

    hi matt, you really are the sweetest – and far far too kind. although i couldn’t agree more about your glowing praise of melissa. i too cannot for the life of me fathom why she isn’t consistently on that top 3 hitlist when traveler’s lunchbox is totally AWESOME. for that matter, so is mattbites – i can’t wait to see the new icon/banner and applaud helen for her impeccable taste and peerless choice for who is, in my books, THE single most qualified and talented individual up to the task.

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    When I worked at a publisher in Vegas, one of our magazines did a story about burrata. It looked delicious — but being on a small budget, we had to use stock photography and I never got to actually taste it. Jealous!

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    If you’re ever in Silver Lake, you should check out the almond fig gelato at Pazzo Gelato on Sunset Blvd. Really tasty, along with most of the other stuff there.

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    Oh my lord! I just realized that the little pix next to the DMBLGIT part of this post is of you. Fantastic. I was giggling for the longest time. Great photo!

    I concur, by the way. Melissa should replace Ruth Reichl and take over Gourmet.

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    I really enjoy your blog! I also read the Times article on new ice creams and was kind of sick about it. I’d rather eat real ice cream less often than pour millions into finding a “guilt-free” ice cream you could eat daily. Anyway – love your blog!

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