When Seasons Collide


Last week I had the pleasure of running around with Lara of Cookbook411.com  and my dear friend Beth Fortune at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market. It was a last-minute attempt to locate something, anything, that would resemble fall produce for a photo shoot. I’ve heard from farmers and growers that this wacky weather and the massive California heatwave has caused Mother Nature to shift a few things around, with some things coming in very late or not really coming in at all.


But it’s nature, and we take what she gives us. But last Wednesday, what she gave us made us marvel and swoon and I doubt I’ll experience anything like it again.


Being August there were tons of summer goodies, from heirlooms to beans to plums and peaches. But what caught us off guard were the abundance of autumn fruits and vegetables that have slowly trickled in and occupied the same market and the summer bounty. Winter squash, citrus, some corn, pears and apples. It was as if the seasons called each other and decided to have a party, each asking the other to bring the best of harvest just so us little humans could swoon and marvel in awe.

Of course, the one thing I wanted to have but knew I’d never find right now, no matter how abundant the market was, were pomegranates.

But alas, my prayers had been answered. First of the season pomegranates.

Because they were for photos I was happy to grab what I could, and admittedly they weren’t the large crimson beauties that are available in January. But who was I to complain?  A bit on the smaller side, they still yielded enough sweet pink juice to indulge myself in a few Pomegranate Martinis. Of course, this was after work, naturally. Hehe.


Lara commented on the bounty of local produce available here in California, and if I ever needed another reason to be lucky enough to live here that surely was it.


I’m sure you already know this, but that Lara is a wiz at everything she does. I had the best time visiting with her and can undoubtably say that what she is doing for photography and blogs through her site Still Life With is the best resource I’ve ever seen. Hands down. Make sure to check it out.


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    congratulations on your finds, especially after the wonky weather we’ve been having! the produce looks absolutely amazing from your photographs! and you know my weakness for a pomegranate martini… sounds like you & the gals had a great time at the farmer’s market – something that i’m INSANELY jealous of, california’s farmer’s markets! beautiful work again, matt!

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    I had THE BEST time down visiting! There are few people in this world who are actually as cool and friendly and amazing as they seem from their blogs. Matt is one of them.

    Plus I have to say, wandering through a farmers market with other folks who are as excited about taking photos of little stubby carrots and heirloom tomatoes as I am is so much fun!

    Thanks again Matt!

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    I just love our Farmer’s Markets in LA too, we are truly lucky! And those pomegranate martini’s.. yes, please!! They look so delicious, I’m jealous!

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    What stunning photographs!!! Captivating colours! And those pomegranate martinis… please could i have a glass? or two? :)

    Just for it’s farmers market merit alone. I wish i lived in California…

    Btw, thanks for the lovely notes you left on my blog! It made my day :)

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