Weekend Bites

by Matt on August 25, 2006



Food Politics, no thank you: I’m choosing not to blog about my personal views of foie gras, it’s a tired food debate that I’ve become exhausted with. I mean really exhausted with. But I do have a serious question: can foie gras be made from the liver of the animal that has not undergone the process of gavage? No one is banning the sale of eating fowl, and liver is liver, is it not? Sure, perhaps it wouldn’t yield as much and we’d pay 12 times as much for it, but the question has been floating around my brain for some time.


Early Fall:  May the Man upstairs strike me down for saying this, but I am actually ready for Summer to pack her bag of warmth and sunlight and make way for Lady Fall. I can’t wait for slightly cooler weather, the long yellow rays of autumn light, tours of apple orchards, and things like pumpkins, pears and roasted root vegetables.


5 Days of Hay: Today concludes our 5th day of dinners crafted from the cookbooks of Donna Hay.  Of course I read her religiously and drool over Con Poulos’ photography work, but I must confess that for years I have actually never made a single one of her recipes. Consider this catching up.   The verdict? While not for the kitchen beginner, I’m adoring her ability to create tasty, relatively simple recipes featuring only a handful of fresh ingredients, dishes that aren’t mired down by a million how-to’s and procedures.

Donna Hay, I think I love you…


Good Lord I REALLY need to go on a diet: Lara has posted a fantastic entry about the few days we spent together on the set of a holiday shoot last week. I was way more excited to meet her than I could have expressed, and I cannot wait for her to come back down so that I can interview her for mattbites. While she was here she captured some beautiful images, too, full of the simplicity and clarity that lets the food speak for itself. She is so extremely talented. You can read about our day here, but please, go easy on the short balding man with the belly. He’s really nice, I swear.