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Health Codes and Ethnic Delicacies: The Los Angeles Times has an interesting article today on many of the Asian delis and bakeries located throughout the Southland. Items like moon cakes and banh chung often sit unrefrigerated longer than state and health laws allow. To refrigerate them would ruin the texture and flavor, it’s said. Instead of a crackdown, the state Senate and Assembly have ordered state health officials to test items like pastries and Peking duck in order to see how long they can be kept at room temperature. If they pass the test then officials would set new standards.

I applaud the State of California for their sensitivity and attention in this matter. While food safety is of the utmost concern and should always be, I’m glad that our agencies are taking the time to properly investigate and do the right thing.

I’ve always been an hightly adventurous eater and would hate to see traditional foods altered in the name of a “one size fits all” approach, especially when they have been consumed in that manner for centuries. However, having suffered a rather severe case of Campylobacter jejuni from improper  temperatures a few years back that required a week of hospitalization, I’m just a tiny bit sensitive to the topic. Probably more than you care to know about me, I’m sure!


Jeez, blogging about a commercial? But she’s so darn cute! Because I make a living tasting, marketing and talking about food from both ends of the food spectrum (natural & organic to mainstream & conventional) I usually hesitate to bite any hand that feeds me. But if you read between the lines you know that I’m personally not particularly fond of the big guys, the ones who over-package and over-process. I will happily leave it at that. So it’s with great surprise and amusement that I write about a commercial for Kraft salad dressings featuring Michelle Kwan, the most decorated figure skater in US history.


This spot has so many good things working for it. For starters, it’s casual, bright and lively, with an appearance that makes a break from standard American advertising. The type treatment is clean and elegant, and it features one of my favorite house tracks, a little number called “Otto’s Journey” by Milo. Plus there’s a little dog in there. If you want a quick way to my heart then serve me food and bring a little dog along. I’m such a sucker. And then there’s the salad, a simple combination of greens, potatoes and blueberries, tossed with Kraft dressing (of course). But hey, if it can get general America to see salads differently and experiment with a few non-standard ingredients, I’m all for it.

Whoever was the ad agency for this spot, you get a big bravo from me.

You can see it here. 


Back to School for Matt: I once had a friend with an astonishing talent: he could read and write 8 languages fluently and 2 additional languages conversationally. He couldn’t remember where he parked his car on daily basis nor what day of the week it was, but he could stop and chat with almost anyone in Los Angeles, no matter where they were from.

I’d love to be able to read the actual interview I did with a Japanese publication a while back.  I promise never to poke fun of you again, Drew.



Let’s Get Physical: Currently perturbed with my doughy waistline and shrinking wardrobe, I’ve cut back on dietary intake and have been running a few miles every morning before work. Thank god for iPods. However, I’m throwing all caution to the wind this weekend for the Long Beach Grecian Festival by the Sea, to be held at Assumption Greek Orthodox Church. Hey, here’s an assumption: I will indeed eat more Greek food this weekend than should be humanly allowed.  And please don’t try to stop me.



Next to food, my other big love in my life are my dogs. My newest Dog Bindi had a few minor health scares in her short little happy life, but I’m pleased to report that she’s fine and healthy and growing like a bean sprout. I’m a proud papa, what can I say?

I posted this just as I read about the beautiful Zoë at My Plate Or Yours. Do me a favor and read this touching post – I couldn’t have said it any better myself.

As dog lovers our hearts are with you and with Zoë.  She’ll be in our thoughts.


  1. says

    well, I am not going to win any medals for it, but I am glad I am not the only one who ‘slipper skates’ through their appartment.

    bindi is cute. i am sitting a couple of french bull dogs this week for my food blog friend, Fatemeh, from Gastronomie, whilst she is sunning it up somewhere in the Caribbean.

  2. says

    Sam, you completely and utterly make me laugh!

    Now I do believe you owe all your fans pictures of you slipper skating!

    We will be waiting! :)

  3. says

    Thanks, Matt. The beautiful Zoe is still hanging in there with us, a really indomitable spirit. Especially partial to stir fried beef and orzo on her good days. Whatever Zoe wants, Zoe gets. Please give Bindi a hug — she’s adorable.

  4. J. Wade says

    I do love Matt and his human and cannine family. I also really enjoyed the story of Zoe. I must have been reading at the moment Christine posted her comment. The last line just made me burst out into tears in front of about four people here at work! I can’t wait to go home and hug my Baxter and Tucker.

  5. says

    Living in Seoul, there are so many visible health violations that I am happy to turn a blind eye to, but every once in while I have to wonder. Hep B is one of the biggest killers over here. Makes me want to stop sharing my kimchi with everyone in the restaurant.

  6. says

    i gotta tell you – every time i see that michelle kwan kraft salad dressing commercial, i have a hankerin’ for a green bean, blackberry & potato salad. that sounds UNBELIEVABLY good to me. i’m so glad you took notice of that.

    bindi is just so cute i almost can’t contain it.

    i had never read “my plate or yours” before today, but i will be a faithful reader now. thanks for passing along the link to the story about zoë. i’m keeping both zoë and her human family in my thoughts & prayers.

  7. says

    As usual, I enjoy every single post of yours and read them with much pleasure and amusement…

    Yes, this Michelle Kwan commercial isn’t bad at all.

    Bindi is incredibly cute! I’d love to cuddle her as well as your other sweet looking dogs! It’s good to hear that she is doing well now… The story about Zoë was very touching. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  8. says

    Jeez. I just finished her post and left a blurry and damp comment there. I was crying before I was finished reading it as I just endured such an event myself. Bindi is adorable and it sounds like you two will be indispensible in each other’s lives.

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