Weekend Bites

by Matt on September 15, 2006


Salt of the Earth: The American Medical Association is going after the food industry and the government  over  sodium levels in packaged food. I applaud this effort, even if it does force me to look at my salt consumption. As Salt Geek Numero Uno this is not fun but at least I tend to stay away from processed foods.  My problem is adding it afterwards, and with all the choices available today it’s hard to say no.  At least I have normal blood pressure – for now.


Rolling up the sleeves: Did Tesco actually trade mark “wholefoods” in the UK as an effort to head them off at the pass? My inside Whole Foods source says “rubbish” and their megastore is still opening on time, but with organics being the business it is it surely wouldn’t surprise me.


Speaking of too much sodium: I am sorry if I offend the unnamed PR company that sent this to me even though I really dig my contact there, but I do not suggest eating Hamburger Helper on a regular basis*. Having said that I felt inclined to mention a rather nice effort they have dreamed up called My Hometown Helper.com.  Write an essay and if selected they’ll help you and your group by donating computers , money for school trips, repair school equipment, fund clean up projects, etc. Just make sure you’re writing on behalf of a 501-c non-profit group.

*I do believe I need to post my mom’s homemade picadillo version of Hamburger Helper we ate growing up. It’s the one that’s not 2030mg of sodium per serving.


Putting your money where, oh jeez, you know the rest: I am in the grocery biz, so it’s no surprise that I read a stack of trade publications and articles each week. This one in Business Week (registration required) surprised me, as it states the numbers at Safeway are swinging in the right direction after a multi-million dollar effort to remodel, rebrand, and re-advertise a healthier, cleaner image (known as the lifestyle concept).  I imagine the most difficult thing would be changing the corporate culture within– traditional grocery folks are not the most enlightened group of people, and I’m not afraid to say it. Besides, with Whole Foods all around the country, your template has already been created for you.

I’m sorry to say this, but I thought it was a cheap shot when I first saw some signage in the Safeway in San Francisco that used a font created specifically for Whole Foods. Yes, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, but designers, c’mon! And I only say this because I created the graphic standards for Whole Foods years ago.



Gracias a todos:  Thanks to everyone who emailed me with South America info. The trip isn’t until the beginning of next year but I always like to plan early. 


I hate this part: I am extremely reticent about this ‘lil posting, but some events lately have made it so:  I am unable to help with your websites, to design something for free of charge, or to lend my photographs or graphics for free.  It’s a lesson that has been extremely painful for me to learn but at this point I am saying no. I just hate to come off sounding snippy, so please forgive me.

However, if you’d like to trade services I’m completely open, or if you are a part of any non-profit group, agency or start-up that directly benefits people through food education or assistance than I am your man!


Appearantly: See me? I’m jumping up and down a little. Why? Pears. Fall pears. All sorts of gorgeous little pears are starting to show up. And in the next few weeks I’ll be going absolutely bonkers. And yes, I plan on sharing that with you, no matter how foolish I look. Hey, I’m used to it.