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"just writing to set things straight.

You’ve obviously never eaten real barbecue
or for that matter traveled distances that require an overnight stay –
everyone knows, at least those of us who have discriminating pallets
know, the best barbecue is in NC and the only meat worth barbecuing is
pork. Cows make steaks and milk and that’s all.

interesting site even though it’s wholly misleading"

I guess me and my uneducated, non-professional and non-discriminatin’ pallet stand corrected! Now hand me a glass of milk and I’ll be on my way!



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    I’d like your reader to visit Australia during the summer season, when every household with a backyard seems to thrive on a good barbeque (and barbeque party) and throw everything on – from beef to kangaroo. Pork hey? Obviously they’ve never tried bbq prawns…

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    Never underestimate the power of hot coals! Reader should visit Asia and see what cooks on top of those embers. Love your site.

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    i guess he set you straight, matt. i suppose you should quit your job now, seeing as how you’ve been living such a disasterous lie all this time.

    what a hot mess.

    speaking of setting things straight:

    pal‧let  Pronunciation[pal-it]
    1. a bed or mattress of straw.
    2. a small or makeshift bed.

    pal‧ate  Pronunciation[pal-it]
    1. Anatomy. the roof of the mouth, consisting of an anterior bony portion (hard palate) and a posterior muscular portion (soft palate) that separate the oral cavity from the nasal cavity.
    2. the sense of taste: a dinner to delight the palate.
    3. intellectual or aesthetic taste; mental appreciation.

    just a little correction in his spelling.

    secondly, allow me to set things straight regarding cows:
    milk, yes. steak, yes.
    but no, that’s *not* all.
    you’re forgetting chuck, rib, short loin, sirloin, round,
    breast and foreshank, the plate and flank.

    clearly he wants to limit himself to nothing more than barbecued pork, and apparently he isn’t too happy about the barbecue here in texas, well, then, i say MORE FOR ME.

    as for the other comments i would have liked to make, well, that just wouldn’t be ladylike of me, now would it?

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    what a loser! Just to write that as a comment, prima facie evidence that his momma and daddy were first cousins.

    Dont listen.

    NC and pork is nice but we all know that the reason pulled pork became so popular is because the yokels didnt have any teeth to chew beef BBQ. (historic fact)

    No amount of pre-masticated fatty pork swimming in odd vinegar sauce can compare to a pit smoked brisket thats been cogitating for almost a day. Heck, armadillo thats been in the pit for a day would beat the NC pulled pork, paws down.

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    will someone PLEASE send me this NC and KC barbeque please? I must try it for myself since we’re all battling about good ole bbq :)


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    Chow.com has a bbq article, and in its logo, they’re using a silo of a cow NOT a pig. Take that, Alabama and N. and S. Carolina! (KC, to its credit, specializes in burnt ends, the fatty trimmings of smoked brisket)

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    Yeah, who do you think you ARE having an opinion of your own about BARBECUE? For heaven’s sake, Matt – we all know that barbecue lovers are some of the most unopinionated people on the planet, so all you’ve done is expose yourself as a phony… 😉

  8. Alphonse the Noble says

    Matt: Who is this reader who writes about “pallets” rather than palates? Ignorant person! A pallet is a wooden tray on which you load things. A palate is what Matt and I have. Get an education, “reader who writes” – but it’s probaly too late – like my comment!!

  9. Mia says

    HA! Just goes to show what you all know. Cows don’t just make assorted meat products and milk, they make poo too. Big ones, don’t step in them. Hahahaha! Poo is a funny word.

    On a more serious note in my opinion the best BBQ is the one in your mouth.

  10. Mia says

    Sorry for the repeat comment but doesn’t “vacio” mean empty? Does it mean something different in another language? I’m totally curious.

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