A Funny Commercial


A couple sits in a car outside Sonic, a fast-food drive-in chain.


Him: This strawberry cheesecake shake is amazing!

Her: I love the real strawberries and the pie crusts bits.

Him: I think I’ll put a little something on my blog about this. All my fans are going to be very interested in my experience of having this shake.


Her: You mean your mom?

Him: (defensively) Well, yea, well, um, she’s one of the readers.

Her: I think she’s THE reader.

Him: Well, no, she promised to tell her neighbor about it, so…

Her: (sarcastically) Oh! Your Mom’s Neighbor!

Him: Yea.



  1. says

    I simply adore this couple! All of their commercial spots are hilarious. TV needs more of this kind of funny.

    It’s like the Geico Caveman commercial.

    Caveman 1: “Yeah, I’ll have the duck with the Mango Salsa”
    Waiter: “Sir and you.”
    Caevman 2: “I don’t have much of an appetite, thank you.”

    Okay makes more sense if you see the whole thing, but it’s a running joke around here when we are in a bad mood :)

  2. says

    I also like the one where he’s eating a breakfast sandwich (or burrito), and he says “finally, a reason to get up in the morning!”

    Wife: You mean, outside of your your wonderful wife, and family, and job.

    Pause. (Husband ponders).

    Husband: But it’s nice to have finally found number one!

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