It Ain’t About Food



… but then again it’s my blog so I suppose it’s cool to include whatever I want, no?  Actually I just wanted to include this little mention about some stuff I did that’s included in this month’s edition of the online zine Encore from Germany. It’s a sharp little outfit that focuses on art and design, and I just about lost it when I was asked to be featured. It’s the other side of what i do when I’m not talking about food or drinking wine. Oh hell, who am I kidding? I’m ALWAYS drinking wine!

Anyway, I’m flattered to be included, and I’m thankful that my friend Dana humored me long enough to make it onto the cover of this snappy little zine. Thank you, Dana!

You can check out Encore here. Registration is required, but it’s quick and painless. And you can even read it in German if you’d like.


God bless the internet! Auf wiedersehen!

(and David, the pen is on its way….nyuck nyuck nyuck nyuck)

Pomegranate Sips


I love reviewing products. I love it even more when they have something pomegranatey about them (made up word alert). And I love it even more when it’s booze. Seriously, how could you get any better than that?

And if my typing goes south over the next few paragraphs, please forgive ueufi duifu fj3kjdfjkjfkdfjj.,jkj.  I’m drunk.

Where was I? Oh yes, pomegranates.


The first product up to taste is Pama Pomegranate Liqueur. I couldn’t wait to jump into this bottle solely because of the package. The glass bottle is elegant, the logo is attractive, it’s just enough without being boring. Calling itself the “world’s first pomegranate liqueur”, Pama is made with “all-natural California pomegranates” but doesn’t reveal too much about the distillation process or the base of the liqueur. However, the beautiful red crimson color doesn’t come from pomegranates themselves but from elderberry and grapeskin extract. It could be worse, I suppose.

So how does the Pama taste? Not too bad. A nice balance between the sweet and tart flavors of a pomegranate, this is a nice product to add to cocktails, club soda, as a syrup to drinks. I can’t imagine using this as a base for an entire drink, but it pairs nicely with other ingredients to make a pretty good cocktail.


Next is Charbay Pomegranate Vodka. Charbay is an award-winning distillery in Northern California that releases some exquisite flavored vodkas. Distilled by Miles Karakasevic, a 12th generation Master Distiller and Marko Karakasevic, a 13th generation Master Distiller, Charbay Vodkas are like no other.  I must admit that I appreciate the art and detail that goes into these vodkas, but personally they are not my favorites. Their flavor profiles impart an herbal note and leave a very strong medicinal essence in the glass, almost too much to identify the individual fruit. Don’t get me wrong–I have a bottle of all their fruit vodkas, but I believe they are better enjoyed sparingly and when I crave that distinctive Charbay taste. However, the pomegranate vodka is a nice break from that herbal flavor I seem to identify with them. It’s captures the true flavor of pomegranates and makes one heck of a nice cocktail. Again, this spirit features California pomegranates.

When there are no fresh pomegranates around to squeeze and juice into my favorite drink these two bottles will definitely satisfy my thirst. Cheers, y’all!


Pama Online

Domaine Charbay 

I Left My Laptop In SF


Pardon my absence. I’ve just been “slumming” away in San Francisco for the past week, attending the opening of the new San Francisco Centre, eating burgers at Nopa, devouring Coq Au Vin at Café Bastille, and literally inhaling too many cream puffs from Beard Papa. Somewhere in between there were numerous informal wine tastings thanks to my friend Paul, and while it was tough and difficult work, somebody had to do it…

Note to everyone: I’m not just saying this because I had too much wine, or a campari & soda, or a sip of carrot eau de vie, or that the cute owner is a friend of my host and stopped by our table to introduce himself, but the burger at Nopa was one of the best things I’ve had in my entire life. Ever. Ever. And with Fiscallini on top? Please, let me die a happy man. But give me another burger first.

Oh, about the opening of the new San Francisco Centre, that “mall” that is now the largest shopping center on this side of the Mississippi? Damn people, you folks in San Francisco love to shop! I mean, where did you go before the center opened? I’m hardly agoraphobic, but really, it was insane. But that’s good! Even if I cannot fit into anything Zara makes. Except the shoes. Damn Spaniards.

Because it wasn’t all just food and play and I was actually in San Francisco working, I regrettably had to miss my invitation to Outstanding In The Field Farm Dinner & Tour. This time it was in my neck of the woods, and I cannot tell you how distressed and sad I currently am that I cannot make it. The thought of enjoying a meal outside with gorgeous scenery at La Milpa Organica Farm with others makes me want to hang my head, not to mention all the gorgeous photos I was hoping to snap. But there is always a next time. If you have a chance to check out their dinners please do.

I’ll return to regular postings this week. Coming up: pomegranate and booze (they really were meant for each other, trust me), a trip to Oak Glen for old-fashioned apple tastings, pears, and all my usual unintelligible writings. Thanks for reading!


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