Dancing With The Stars

by Matt on November 8, 2006



Alright, I admit there was no dancing involved, but it sure was a night filled with stars. I had the immense pleasure of meeting the one and only Keiko of Nordljus, a site that is held in super high esteem in the blog world.  Keiko’s photography and aesthetic is a thing of beauty,  and her site is a constant source of awe and inspiration to me.

So what was the occasion? It just so happened that Keiko and her husband Matthew were in Los Angeles working on a very nifty project before heading to San Francisco for a few days. Keiko emailed me along with Kevin of Acme Instant Food and we met for dinner and had a fabulous time.

Kevin’s site is the highlight of my day, a mixture of culinary bravery and inventiveness that will not only make you smile but you’ll probably end up chuckling in front of your computer.  I admire the fact that he will throw caution to the wind and get in the kitchen and experiment. I’ve wanted  to meet Kevin for some time, his passion for food and talent for engaging writing has made me a fan since he started his blog.

Keiko is as adorable and sweet  as anyone you could ever meet, and her husband Matthew is a pure joy. Did I mention how super stylish they were?  Plus his name totally rocks, but that’s just my opinion. If these two are ever in your neck of the woods then you must make every attempt  to meet them.  I’m still floating high on Cloud 9.