It’s Called Turkey Fatigue



As the blogosphere fills up with turkey tips, pumpkin pie preferences and stuffing suggestions, I feel this is a good time to reveal a dirty little secret.

Please, keep  your “ooooooooooohs!’ and “awwwwwwwwwws” to a minimum when I tell you this:

I am not going to celebrate Thanksgiving.

No no no, It’s not that I’m a curmudgeon of the highest order, some Scrooge who doesn’t believe in giving thanks or celebrating, it’s not that at all. It’s just that by the time November 23rd rolls around, I’ve already celebrated the beloved Turkey day.


I blame my job. In summer when everyone else is swimming and slathering on the tanning butter, I’m buttering and tasting and glazing and torching turkeys for holiday promotions. During July I’ll sit down to a picture-perfect table with flowers, fresh rolls, stuffing, cranberries, pumpkin pie and one big giant, slightly undercooked turkey, and if I need a few different looks I’ll do it all few more times. By the time November rolls around I’m tired of talking turkey and my mind is thinking of Spring, testing recipes and decorating everything in shades of happy bright pastels.

Of course, my Fauxgiving contains none of what the holiday is about – sharing a meal with loved ones, giving thanks for our health and being truly thankful for being alive. To compensate for this I’ll have a holiday dinner in early December, but you better believe there are no turkeys–heritage, natural, conventional, or otherwise. And you know what? For that I definitely give thanks.

So when you are enjoying your turkey, stuffing and all those delicious sides, I’ll be eating bbq with my man and curling up on the couch watching movies all day long. And that’s how I like it!

I wish everyone a very happy, healthy and delicious Thanksgiving!

Now pass the popcorn!


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    I’m not doing a traditional Turkeyfest this year, either. I think our menu is going to consist of carbonnade, steamed veggies, and maybe that no-knead bread recipe from the NYT. :) Have a great holiday!

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    And here I thought your big secret was that you‘re married to a MAN!

    : D

    Happy Thanksgiving, Mr. Inspirational.

    I am taking a bullet and going to my husband‘s sister’s house. I fully expect stuffing from a box and canned green beans with potato chips on top.


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