Ok, Just One More. But That’s It.



This is a true story.

Today as I walked into my office I was immediately confronted.

“Hey Matt, my mother-in-law taught my daughter Courtney to make homemade cream puffs! I brought some in today, would you like to try them?” she asked.

Why, certainly!

“Hey Matt, you’ve really gotta try this Almond Toffee Bark I made last night,” said another coworker.

Well, ok, I responded.

“Hey Big Boy, there are Krispy Kremes in the conference room,” teased another.

Not anymore,
I thought.

“Oh! I forgot! She also taught her how to make homemade donuts! They took forever and they look funny but they’re really good! Have one!” screeched coworker #1.

And I did.

Do you want to know what’s worse then everyone being clever and crafty and baking and frying during the holidays? It’s being born without one ounce of self control.



  1. says

    Hilarious. But in my office, I’m the guilty one, pawning off my excessively unhealthy baked good on coworkers in an effort to keep them out of my late-night snacking reach. And everyone tells me how they hate me as they come back for thirds.

  2. says

    The last time I was offered something by a coworker it was a piece of a duck neck. I had to smile and accept it, but such is the plight of living in China.

  3. says

    i would have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. god i can’t even TYPE that without laughing.

    i like to blame the size of my ass on the people i work with, who all seem to be pastry chefs and gourmet chocolatiers.

    brilliantly written piece. i’m going to print it and blow it up and hang it outside my cubicle.

  4. says

    These are the thoughts that are running through Ed’s head! I keep cooking up crap and guess who gets to be the taste-tester? He silently curses me as he gets out of bed at 5:45 am to go hike it off!

  5. says

    When you took those three doughnuts out of the box, did you feel the need to explain “oh, they’re just for a photoshoot for the blog…” ?

  6. says

    P.S. Matt–Might like to let you know that ya’ got a little something stuck to your face in your photo–maybe you can photoshop that out and nobody will notice. I’m just observant, that’s all.

  7. banana chocolate chips says

    I am one of the guilty parties too. The goodies I brought in usually disappeared before noon by leaving it in our lunch room. Happy holidays and best wishes for the coming year!

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