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    the worst part about the cloned meat issue is that the fda says it won’t require notifying of so on the label! Can you believe it? Most people won’t even have a choice…unless you choose to be vegan.

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    Big sigh re: “FDA gives Cloned Meat Two Thumbs Up!”

    Maybe we’ll have to look for labels that says: “This meat is from cows who came from their mamas, not a laboratory bench.”

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    Hey Matt,

    I just found your blog through Chubby Hubby’s and am loving it. I will add you to my blogroll and will definitely come back and visit often. Your food pictures are very droolicious!

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    I’m not against cloning, but why go to all the effort of cloning just for meat?
    As for “lean” try a native Australian – Kangaroo – 98% fat free and a taste that leave beef way behind…

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    Is this the same government that won’t allow us to take medicines (that other 1st world nations have approved) without rigorous testing for years and years (unless they manage to slip through…

    “Yes eat the manmade (but generally assumed to be safe) meat product – just because it was made by scientists, doensn’t mean it’s not real beef.” NOT!

    Wouldn’t it be cheaper to “make” meat the old fashioned way… isn’t it pretty much free?

    Bovine insemination, I think, should also be quite afforadable compared to having some scientists grow cows in a large petrie dish, or something more akin to surrogacy.

    I’m sure the non-cloned producers will proudly declare so.

    Dare I say that vegetarianism would be cheaper still for us and the planet – 100 loaves of bread vs. 1 pound of meat, and all that.

    mmmm bread!

    Cloning Rants aside – love the blog, pictures, writing, the lot. if I could only get the silly RSS feed to work with my browser!

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