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My brain is mush these days. There are a million things going on, and I’m trying to make some deadlines so I can take some time off. Trying to work on three month’s worth of seasonal projects simultaneously leaves me exhausted at the end of the day. But enough of the whining already!

If I post this in bullet form will you think less of me?

Will you still love me?

Please say yes.

Thoughts from the past week:


1.Your metabolism does indeed change as you get older. ##^@%!%^@%?.

2.  Perhaps it was prompted by Amy who has been in Vietnam this month, but my love affair with Little Saigon has no end in sight. Luckily Garden Grove, California is only up the road.

3. I love Australians. Always have. And Tim Tams, too. No, really. Love love love love love them both. And an afternoon spent tasting Australian food and wine at this year’s G’Day LA event in Century City only makes me want to pack a suitcase and visit. To the folks at Austrade – thank you!

4. Next month we’ll be frolicking on the beaches along the southern hemisphere for a few weeks. Don’t be surprised when you turn on the news and read how groups of South Americans all fainted and went blind because I took my shirt off. I’ve warned you.

5. Fellow bloggers and public relations firms, if you’d like me to read what you have to offer then introduce yourself. Say hello. Strike up a friendship. But please don’t blindly send emails where you’ve cut and pasted mattbites into the contents. You really know how to make a boy feel special. Who ordered the Tsk tsk with a side of Disingenuous?

6. Wolfgang Puck’s latest steakhouse Cut is actually very good. But then again a $120 steak better be.

Insideorville7. Am I the only one creeped out by the digital Orville Redenbacher that debuted on last night’s Golden Globes? What’s next? A pixelated CGI Julia Childs for Kraft?

8. Brrrr. It’s no secret that I can’t stand cold weather, but our recent dips into the 20s and 30s will most likely affect California’s citrus crop this year. If you’re at the market, stock up and enjoy now. My produce contacts tell me it might slim pickings from here on out.


9. A few have asked about this "super secret" project I’ve alluded to in the past few posts. While I’m sworn to a big fat non-disclosure form, I can tell you it involves technology. And no, I’m not going to be recreating Orville for another commercial.

10. Victoria Beckham is wearing me out! Between home hunting in Bel Air, daily visits to Sprinkles and Pinks (don’t listen to what you’ve heard–the bitch can eat!) and every little shop in town for gifts for the kids, I can’t stand it any more. Posh, I have a life. Please quit calling me. Straight to voicemail, girl. I mean it.


  1. says

    I hear you on the metabolism front. When did all my jeans get so tight? And YES, Orville made me spit out my drink and say, “What the…???!!!” It’s funny, when Crispin won the account, we all joked around the office that maybe they’d resurrect ol’ Orville, never thinking they really would. That said, don’t know if it’ll sell any popcorn but lots of people are talking about the creepy spot.

  2. says

    I get your feed all the time, but haven’t been to your site in awhile, I like the new? layout and color scheme.

    I didn’t get to see the Orville thing, but I think celebrity death match between the Colonel (KFC), Orville (Popcorn), and Dave (Wendy’s) would be awesome.

  3. says

    Ah, sometimes point form is the best. Short and sweet.

    I was immensely overjoyed to read that you love Australians! Please – which is your favourite Tim Tam? Double coat? Dark chocolate? Black Forest? Caramel? Or Don’t Make Me Choose?

  4. says

    I think I can see a relationship between point 1 & the second love in point 3. Maybe I shouldn’t be telling you this, but you can bite off opposite corners of a Tim Tam and use them like a straw to drink your coffee or whatever – just don’t blame me, okay. Btw, David said so much, yet so little…

  5. sparky says

    my blood ran as cold as the Deep Freeze this morning listening to the NPR story ….THREE QUARTERS of the state’s citrus crop destroyed?? get some electric blankets plugged in down there!!!

  6. says

    aaaaah, you got that email too?
    I was soooo insulted when I opened it, I was like, listen DUDE, that’s great if you link to my site, but I aaaaain’t gonna link to yours just ’cause you asked me to… I only link to people I like *snaaaap*
    Oh, and I love Aussies too! Any man that can, with a straight face, order a dessert called “Pav” is alright in my book.

  7. says

    Ah, the price of fame; people trying to pretend to be your friend 😉 I haven’t gotten that yet, thankfully.

    I am in love with pho right now because it’s suddenly actually cold here as well. Sigh. I’ve been spoiled by the ultra mild winter we’ve been having.

    Oh and I just had a blood orange the other day for the first time- it was so good, I was like, why haven’t I tried you before, eesh!

  8. says

    Hi! Found you thru a link on the county clerk’s blog. Orville creeped me waaay out, too! I hope they had to get permission from the family before they did that…I mean…yuck! It didn’t look digital to me, as much as somebody with one of those glued-on masks that move like “real”…yuck again!

  9. says

    okay, i had to find out what all the hubbub was about, so i just watched that orville redenbacher commercial on youtube and OH MY GOD that is the most disturbing thing ever.

    great post matt, but now i have to go and poke out my mind’s eye.

  10. says

    haven’t seen the Orville thing yet, but I am intrigued! I’ve come out of the lurking closet and am saying hello.
    Love reading your random stuff!

  11. says

    Mine is sort of the opposite – as I’m getting older I’m learning more about which foods affect my metabolism in a positive way, and as such it’s getting better.

    By the way, you look like a big scary guy in your photos 😉

  12. says

    Delighted to hear you’re an Aussie fan. I hope you were also introduced to the delights of Cherry Ripes, Freddo Frogs, Pollywaffles and (don’t throw your hands up in horror) Vegemite!

  13. says

    So… is there a link between points 5 and 10? LOL! And I hear you loud and clear on the metabolism. One of life’s great practical jokes!

  14. says

    yes, yes, yes! the orville comercials are so TOTALLY creepy! i think it’s the eyes. (shudder) oh, great blog, too! i found you through habeas brulee…i followed the capirotada! mmm!

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