Heading South. Really South.

by Matt on January 24, 2007



In a few weeks we’ll be heading down south – way south – for about a month of rest, relaxation, wine and parrillas.

It’s time for Buenos Aires!

been dancing around the house like a little kid lately. Buenos Aires is
one of our most favorite cities on the planet, filled with amazing
people, a vibrant restaurant scene, cool places to stay and more
grilled meat than you could ever hope to eat in one lifetime.

hip, it’s happening, and it will be my temporary home for just a little
bit. I’ll be blogging from South America, so check back for some
entries, some interviews and some pretty pictures that will most like
be taken under the influence of plenty of Malbec.

Regular postings may be kinda spotty over the next few weeks as I try to cram a bunch of work before our departure, but I’ll be around. Email me and say hello!’ And if you’re in Buenos Aires and have your favorite places I’m all ears!