Heading South. Really South.



In a few weeks we’ll be heading down south – way south – for about a month of rest, relaxation, wine and parrillas.

It’s time for Buenos Aires!

been dancing around the house like a little kid lately. Buenos Aires is
one of our most favorite cities on the planet, filled with amazing
people, a vibrant restaurant scene, cool places to stay and more
grilled meat than you could ever hope to eat in one lifetime.

hip, it’s happening, and it will be my temporary home for just a little
bit. I’ll be blogging from South America, so check back for some
entries, some interviews and some pretty pictures that will most like
be taken under the influence of plenty of Malbec.

Regular postings may be kinda spotty over the next few weeks as I try to cram a bunch of work before our departure, but I’ll be around. Email me and say hello!’ And if you’re in Buenos Aires and have your favorite places I’m all ears!



  1. says

    From my pal Kendra, who just got back from BA:
    – Absolutely go to Tierra Santa, the religous theme park. It’s out of town but worth the effort
    – San Telmo Antiques fair is just the best… I could live there
    – Go over to Colonia for a night
    – Go to the Evita Museum, and to Recoletta to see where she is buried (under Duarte not Peron)
    – the Bellas Artes is amazing too
    – cheap Malbec in BA is better than most good wine here
    – alfajores! OMG — I could live on them

  2. says

    About 4 people from our “gang” (maybe “gaggle is better) went there last year and they all are planning their return trips! They all fell in love there! We have our vacation plans this year so we’ll have to dealy B.A. for a bit. Take pictures and bring us back a…uhh..hmm…okay, bring us back a hot porteños!

  3. says

    Looking forward to some great pictures! I’m sure you can get used to eating dinner at 11:00 at night. I will be sleeping.

  4. says

    So cool! I’ve never been there. One of my old college roommates, a Parisian, moved there, got married, and never left (he even weathered the financial crisis). Clearly he loves it there. Have a fantastic trip and share lots of pictures!

  5. says

    It’s a fantastic place, I got back just before Christmas. Go to Sucre for their wine cellar alone, the food is very good as well.

    Palermo Viejo is the hip area, great for wandering and mooching in. Bar 6 and Mark’s Deli are great places to chill-out.

    It’s worth remembering this is a society that survives on meat, wine and ice-cream and all of them are fantastic. Of the ice-cream chains my preference is for Persecco. Freddo is ubiquitous but nowhere near as good.

    Try and take a look at the Faena Universe and Hotel, it’s beautiful, as is the brand spanking new Dahau Palace Park Hyatt. Faena is something special though.

  6. says

    oh nice nice. I wish I could go with you! Patagonia is on our list, and as a matter of fact, if we had not gone to Peru, we would have done Chili and Argentina. I cannot wait to see your pics. And mainly, ENJOY!

  7. says

    That’s cool. I am so looking forward to seeing and reading your BA stories.
    I am a huge fan of South American things. :)

  8. Sil (Bs As) says

    I looove that photo of our flag!!!
    dulce de leche icecream from “Volta”
    havanna alfajores (try the nut flavour)
    bife de chorizo in “Happening”, “La Cabrera”,” Cabaña Las Lilas” etc etc
    I have a lots of etc!! so e mail me!!
    We`ll be waiting for you guys!!

  9. says

    Hey! I wanted to tell you that I`m argentinian, and yeah it`s a great country, so I hope you`ll have a great time here!
    Pasala bien! chau!

  10. says

    Wow, so you are coming to Buenos Aires. I have tons of tips, just email me if you want to talk about specific things or give me clues as to what kind of things you want to do.
    Some tips:
    1. Ditto to what Sil said: Volta ice cream rocks (http://www.unaltravolta.com.ar)
    2. I live in Palermo Viejo, which is a hip neighbourhood close to downtown BA with loads of great restaurants and cafes, design shops, etc.
    3. You must go to Puerto Madero for dinner or lunch, they have top-of-the-line restaurants and you can take a lovely stroll by the river there as well.
    4. For a more down-to-earth food experience. Try a “choripan” in one of the street stands in the area know as “la costanera”.

    Ok, it´s getting long, so please, just email me and I´ll be glad to be of assistance :)

  11. says

    I just went in Nov, so if you have questions, feel free to email. I would echo La Cabrera–fan-f’ing-tastic steak and waaaayyy cheap. Also, La Cupertina is a fab empanada place in Palermo–still dirt cheap, but with interesting fillings including a decadent sweet corn and cheese one.

    Finally, let me also echo the love for Havanna alfajores–I brought multiple boxes back for gifts, but ended up hoarding many for myself :)

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