A “Home” Away From Home


Ok, let me get this one little cliché out of the way (sorry, Dana).

There’s no place like home.

This phrase has been running through my mind the past few days as we’ve been spending time at one of Buenos Aires’ newest boutique hotels. Regular readers will know I don’t usually get teary-eyed over accommodations, and I can’t remember actually writing a post dedicated to a hotel, but now I’ve found a reason.

Home Hotel opened in 2005 by Tom Rixton, a British music producer, and his wife Patricia O’Shea, in the hip Palermo neighborhood of Buenos Aires. At first glance you might be taken slightly back by the cool demeanor of the building – polished concrete, mid-century Scandinavian furniture and splashes of vintage colorful wallpaper greet you everywhere you turn. But make no mistake about it: this hotel is just as comfortable and warm as you can imagine. And then some.

Aside from a strong architectural presence and superb graphic design in everything from the web site to their collateral materials (thanks to the stellar Remolino), Home’s true strength is something that can’t be achieved by pushing pixels or polishing concrete. It’s the people-–pure and simple.

I can’t remember the last time a hotel has made me feel like a member of the family. Warm, engaging, and friendly on every level, it’s apparent that this hotel is run by people who enjoy what they do and love their city. In fact, the owner Patricia will generously provide you with a list of the current hot spots tailored to your interests. She alo gets extra points for steering you away from places that don’t offer the best of Buenos Aires.

The rooms are spacious and comfortable and all the amenities are here, but unless you’re staying in the loft or garden suite you may find yourself spending most of your time by the pool. This is a city after all, and a pool and garden nestled within a crowded neighborhood provide a level of tranquility you don’t expect.


And then there’s my favorite part – the food. Home Hotel has a wonderful café that specializes in tapas and a signature breakfast every morning. Medialunas, café con leche, juice in delicious combinations like apple & basil or orange & saffron, breads with homemade marmalades, ganache and fresh fruit make waking up worthwhile. And that’s saying quite a bit, considering how much Buenos Aires enjoys its nightlife.

There is a reason Home Hotel is so popular with the fashionable jetset crowd. But all the buzz in the world wouldn’t mean a thing if this hotel didn’t offer its guests a truly relaxing, one-of-a-kind experience.



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    Welcome to BA… great pics and review of the home hotel… this post is definitely going in my Buenos Aires blog roundup this week, when I get round to writing it :)

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    The hotel loos really stylish and cosy, and I’m so gonna flavour my apple juice with basil and orange juice with saffron next time!!

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    Have you left the hotel since you checked in?

    Oh, I think David is on his way down. He was mumbling something about the need for an emergency B.A. chocolate tour.

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    Wow. That looks so amazing! Somewhere warm and tropical sounds so nice especially since Seattle is gray and cold. Your pix offer a glimmer of hope that sunshine exists…

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    Wow…Home looks BETTER than home! And I loved the photos from your b-day dinner. You may have to go vegetarian just to get past the BA meat coma! Happy Birthday. What a great place to celebrate….

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