Happy Montevideo, Uruguay

by Matt on February 15, 2007


I’m really trying NOT to be naive here people, so if you can shed light on my situation I’d greatly appreciate it.

We’ve been in Montevideo for 4 hours, and every single person we’ve come in contact with has been beautiful, smiling, polite, friendly and funny.

The cab driver? Delightful.

The bank teller? Giggly.

The hotel clerk? Uber-sweet.

The bartender? Charming.

The waitress? All smiles

The lady in passing at the ATM? So adorable.

I am going through great pains not to generalize, but there has not been one person here in Montevideo that hasn’t been gracious and warm. It’s like a dream, where everyone is happy and nice and oozes generosity (not to mention that the people here are so utterly attractive!)

What is it? A beautiful country? The old buildings? Something in the water?

Whatever it is, I’m glad we are here.

Montevideo, gracias!