If this isn’t the funniest and most clever bit of writing I’ve seen lately I don’t know what is. This man is a genius, and even if I don’t agree with all the points (I’d never call a clementine an imposter, hell no!) I have to say it’s spot-on.

Absolutely brilliant and guaranteed to make you chuckle.

If only all food writing was this direct.

(Justin, I couldn’t find an email for ya, so if you are opposed to this type of linkage then please let me know!)


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    Yes you are Shawnda. You just successfully completed a comment trifecta! :)

    Matt–you must have a divining rod that points out great stuff on the net. I love it!

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    Thanks for the kind words and the link (love the design!) – much appreciated. I’m absolutely floored by the response this post (which I almost didn’t write) has received.

    Take Care,

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    Fantastic! Thanks for sharing this!! I agree with you on the Clementine, I think it can stand on its own. :)

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