The Kitchen Sisters

I probably can’t convey the excitement running through my bones when I found out that the Kitchen Sisters would be having an evening of sonic adventures featuring bits and pieces of their Hidden Kitchen series as well as Lost & Found sound. I probably can’t convey my giddiness either when one of the producers emailed me to make sure I would stop by. As if she even had to ask? Can I stop drooling now?

I have tried unsuccessfully to describe the Kitchen Sisters to friends, but if you are a fan of NPR then you probably already know them and their award-winning stories about community, underground and hidden kitchens, street-corner cooking and eating traditions. Or as they say, how "communities come together through food". I’m sure glad they have mission statements on their website because I either start laughing or crying uncontrollably when I think of their story-telling. And why? Because these women have captured that unreported slice of life, that bit that goes unnoticed, and they do stellar work in bringing it to everyone to share. It’s fun, happy and touching. They love people and food, I love people and food. How on earth can you not love that?

In fact, part of my stumbling block in describing what they do involves the fact that their work is so rich and so full of meaning that it leaves me speechless. HELLO? Have you met me? I am never at a loss for words. EVER. But with these gals, you betcha.

So, this Thursday night they will be at The Hammer Museum for an evening that is billed as "a night of radio, readings, guest stars and some secret, below-the-radar, Los Angeles hidden kitchen cooking." And it is FREE. I said FREE. This is Los Angeles–nothing is free.

(And another reason I’m so boyishly excited is that the evening will be hosted by Renee Montagne, the only woman who wakes me up every morning and keeps me company on the way to work five days a week!)

There’s tons of information about The Kitchen Sisters on their website, and you can hear more of them on NPR. For information on the event, visit the UCLA web site.

If you see me with my camera in hand and a box of tissues in the other, please, say hello! But please, don’t miss this very special event!

The Kitchen Sisters will be at the Hammer Museum this Thursday, March 29 at 8pm. The address is 10899 Wilshire Blvd in Los Angeles.


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    Okay, I am showing my lack of culinary sophistication. I do not know about the Kitchen Sisters (are they anything like the “Delicious Dish” Saturday Night Live sketch?), but if you think they are funny, I am going directly to their website!

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    I love the Kitchen Sisters!! I am bummed that I have to work Thursday evening :( Can’t wait to read your report, though.

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    OMG! I absolutely love them! I have to work that evening so I will miss it. Thank you for passing the news on to us!

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