I’m tired, damnit!


No joke. In the past 24 hours I have:

• read two cookbooks

• finished a freelance design job

• photographed a superhero

• edited 102 photographs from this past weekend’s photoshoot

• accepted a freelance gig art-directing a really cool cookbook as well as a gig shooting an ad campaign for a handbag company featuring one of my bestest girlfriends

• flew to Las Vegas for 2 hours and back home for a meeting with some nice folks from Apple Computers

I owe a few of you some emails, one of you some recipe recommendations, and two of you phonecalls. When I decompress from the shock of everything I will get back to you. I’m going to sleep for 3 days now. What a day! Nighty night!


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    HA! Sounds like a lot of great projects. Get some rest…and get ready to do it again, my friend. That’s exactly what life looks like when you’re a star! Kudos to you.

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    dude – i wish i was tired for your reasons. please get some rest. i’ve been rundown lately too… just finished planning a company event at the UN which is FINALLY OVER WITH! and i’m packing up my things to move Saturday, flying out to Germany, Friday, and dealing with a mouse in my house! — which is clearly keeping me from sleeping.

    i’m a little more rested today. hope you can say the same tomorrow.

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    OH RATS!!!

    I was just asked to come and be a judge in a local combination Burrata cheese, Frito Pie and churros with homemade dolce de leche dipping sauce cook-off contest. I really, really, really wanted you to come with me but I won’t call and I’ll just let ya rest up.

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    i wanted to know what superhero too! LOL! but hey, YOU sound like a superhero…you are ‘supermatt’! that’s a lot of stuff to do in 24 hours!

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    He takes on tall, fabulous jobs in one bound. He feeds everybody in his wake. He awes us all with his fabulousness…it’s Matt the superhero. Honestly, your itinerary is impressive. When did you find time to read those two cookbooks, in the john or something?

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