Weekend Roundup

by Matt on April 1, 2007


It’s Sunday evening and I have been the recipient of about 48 April
Fool’s Jokes, all of which I fell for completely in my current
condition of gullibility. But hey, go easy on me, would ya? This past
week has been so topsy turvy, full of future projects, wheeling and
dealing with the big boys, personal assignments and making sure I’m
spending enough time with a very demanding 3 pound female chihuahua who
demands my attention and refuses to walk on the ground. Yep, she’s daddy’s girl indeed.





1. All Things Argentina 

Is it a coincidence that the following all appeared in my home last
week: a flyer for a local Mexican food chain featuring "milanesa", a
squeeze bottle of dulce de leche (yes, SQUEEEEEEZE bottle), Pillsbury
Frozen Medialunas (who knew?!?!) and the announcement of Dulce De Leche
Frappucinos from Starbucks. I still have frequent flyer miles… don’t
tempt me.



2. Kitchen Sisters

If Davia Nelson and Nikki Silva were any sweeter or nicer I’d have to
poke my eyes out and slap myself silly. Seriously though, how two
people can welcome you with open arms, hug and kiss you and make you
feel as if you’ve known them your entire life will always puzzle
me.Nevertheless, their event at UCLA’s Hammer Theater was one of the
highlights of my life. Sharing stories of hidden kitchens read by Alan Zwiebel, Renee Montagne, and Taylor Negron was pure
entertainment, and I honestly believe what these two women are doing
transcends food and connects us all on a human level. While it seems
everyone is chasing the celebrity chef du jour or pulling hair for
reservations at the latest hotspot, it’s good to know there’s a world
of food and shared experiences being captured by Davia and Nikki. You
guys absolutely rock.


3. Spring Brunch

Spending the afternoon with an accomplished restaurant reviewer and
food writer along with a former editor of Bon Appetit and Architectural
was pure heaven and furthers my belief that:

1) Women are the
superior gender and should rule the country, world, planet galaxy  universe.

2) Grace, manners, intelligence and wit are a few characteristics that
my generation could stand to learn.

I’m still swooning over these two
women…I’m beginning to sense a pattern here. Denise, if you are reading this, we want to thank you for a great afternoon.



4. Aperture

A few have asked what the Apple thing was all about, and now that it’s
done I can share. I am a charter member of the Aperture Users
Professional Network, a group that provides services for the Mac-based
photographer in three key areas: education, training and support (the
group works closely with Apple). My friend David Schloss, formerly of
Photo District News, started the group in March and it’s really taken
off. I know this is photography/techie news and not quite in the food
realm, but so many of you have asked about photography and the secret
project that I decided to mention it here. To be one of the
photographers invited to participate in this group literally blows my
mind… I’m in the company of Pulitzer-Prize winner Vincent Laforet,
National Geographic shooter Jim
Richardson, Bill Frakes,
landscape photographer Edward Riddell, and a few others. I would never
in a million years ever ever ever ever ever ever ever even dare to
compare myself to these geniuses who have been shooting for decades,
but as the only food photographer in the group I’m nevertheless

If you are a mac head like I am, I wholeheartedly recommend Apple’s
Aperture. I use it constantly and if you are a
photographer–professional or blogger–it’s definitely worth checking
out. You can visit the Aperture Users Professional Network here. 


5. From the Oh-my-god-I-am-going-to-slap-someone department:

Want to
ruffle the feathers of bloggers who review restaurants? Write about it
in your local paper with some unflattering comments about
qualifications and experience and the entire world falls apart.
Granted, one doesn’t need a degree to review restaurants, but I find
the whole kerfluffle self-serving and utterly annoying. I don’t really read restaurant reviews and I don’t pay any mind to bloggers who review
restaurants – that is unless I personally know them. Hey, it’s just my
opinion and I’m sure I’ll get hate mail, but I can’t wait for the dust
to settle on this one.