Or "how I learned to enjoy beer through spices and genetic counseling"

Excuse me, but I may have jumped the gun a bit on this beer recipe.
Cinco de Mayo isn’t until next month, but with all the Mexican recipe
testing that has been happening at our house I just assumed it would be
ok to pre-drag out the festivities a bit…even if Cinco de Mayo isn’t
as big of a celebration as September 16th. But then again, do I really
need an excuse to get my party on? I don’t think so. Besides, I really just want
to get something off my chest.

I’ve always been a fan of a good bloody mary. Heck, I’ll even enjoy a
bad one. I’m easy that way. The combination of spirit, heat, ice, and a
kick has always done me right. Add to the concoction some edibles in
the form of olives and celery and yes, I’ll skip lunch and have
another, thank you for asking! However, in a newly revealed fact that
is sure to cause damnation among my family members (all of which read
this lil ole site), I must publicly "come out" about something.

No, it’s not that, silly. Ain’t a closet big enough to contain me.

I’m talking about cerveza.

That’s correct!

I don’t drink beer!

Now before my family disowns me (I have a brewmeister for a
brother-in-law, even)
I want you to know that I have tried to enjoy
beer. Believe me, I have tried! And if you think it’s strange for a
chubby latino who savors family get-togethers and mariachi music to not
drink beer then I must tell you that you couldn’t possibly be more
perplexed than I. Convinced it’s a genetic defect, I know that
somewhere in the universe there is a strand of DNA with an extra beer
nobbly bit on it that was supposed to be mine, damnit, and had my
parents let me drink beer as a toddler than we could have identified
this abnormality much earlier and I could be enjoying a relatively
normal life instead of the wine-and-rum swigging (not together!) ways I
have learned to embrace as a pathetic substitute.

Thanks Mom, thanks Dad. Really, thanks.

But maybe I should go easier on Ben and Helen.

Two years ago next month we traveled to Austin for our wedding. Seeing
as it was our "committment ceremony" weekend we splurged and stayed at
the San José on South Congress. If you’ve been to Austin I have no
doubt you’ve either been there, seen it, driven by, or heard that it’s
quite simply the coolest place to stay. And it is. My description could
never do it justice–it’s just a groovy, magical place. And when I
wasn’t freaking out over the fact that I was about to get married or
that the photographer was running late I learned to calm my nerves by
heading to the bar and ordering a beer-based drink called a Michelada
on the advice of a friend. I was sure it was going to be disgusting and

Beer with what? Tabasco beer what? Salt? Ice cubes? Shut the hell up.

And then I remembered my friend mary– miss bloody mary. It all made sense.

As if the clouds parted and a boozy angel brought down a frosty mug, I
took my first sip of the cerveza preparada expecting to be horrified. I
had the opposite reaction; it was cold, flavorful, salty, delicious and
filling. So I had another one. And then another one. And before long I
wasn’t so nervous about exchanging vows in front of my entire friends
and family. And in case you’re wondering, no, I wasn’t drunk the day of
the ceremony…that happened 13 minutes after it was over, silly.

While I may sip a beer now and then, it doesn’t take much to get me to
whip up a batch of Micheladas. You probably have all the elements in
your kitchen: salt, pepper, a lemon or lime, some ice cubes, soy sauce
or maggi seasoning and a dash of hot sauce. Just squeeze one lime into
a glass, add a dash of black pepper, a few shakes of tabasco and soy
sauce, ice cubes and top with beer. Because it’s such a regional
recipe, I’ve seen variations that involve tomato juice, v8 or even
Clamato. Celery sticks even. It’s hard to mess it up, really.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some family damage control to tend to.
And if you’re in Austin, make sure to stop by and say hello to my
friend Bobby at the San José Hotel and ask him about his monkey bread.
I’m craving it right now.

Along with a michelada.



Dear Mommy and Daddy, you know I am only being silly. I don’t blame you for a thing. If anything, I might fault you for making me so incredibly handsome and athletic. Hahahahahaha I crack myself up sometimes!


  1. says

    Give me a bloody Mary over a beer any day, but this, this could possibly convert me, especially with a little v8 or clamato, bring it on.

  2. Diane says

    Welll…I don’t know. I love anything spicy. But I too hate beer. I went through the “well, I’m supposed to like it so I’ll put up a good show” phase. And, yes, I’ll get a beer at the ballpark – although most of it will remain undrink. But spoiling perfectly good salt and hot sauce with beer? I just don’t know…

    PS – lovely wedding picture!

  3. says

    I found your michelada pic on Flickr and had to go exploring to figure out what they were. Timely for me, since I spent last week in Florida, laying by the pool. My attempt at micheladas were a brilliant change from too-sweet mojitos. But, nodding to the Caribbean-ish flavor of the Keys, I made mine with Red Stripe. Probably sacrilege, but they were tasty.

  4. says

    I’ve never had Michelada, but a local medieval (yep, I’m living in such a place:) restaurant serves delicious dark honey beer, light cinnamon beer and light herb beer – and all these can be heated during winter. The light cinnamon one is my favourite..

  5. says

    I’ve never grokked bloody marys, so I’m guessing the Micheladas are not for me.

    But you two do clean up very well.

  6. says

    I’ve never grokked bloody marys, so I’m guessing the Micheladas are not for me.

    But you two do clean up very well.

  7. says

    The first time I had a michelada I was visiting relatives in mexico. When they mixed it up I thought they were pulling some kind of mexican prank, like a cement mixer. It was great though.

    When I make them at home I use whatever beer I have around, miller lite, budwiser etc. I usually stick to a few drops of Worcestershire, Tabasco, and some lime juice. I’ve never thought of mixing something tomato based like V8 or clameltoe though, sounds kind of gross to me.

  8. says

    Matt, you amaze me once again! I don’t pretend to be the expert on booze in most forms, but being married to a German who would happily forsake every other beverage on earth for beer, I thought I had seen it all. How wrong I was. This is going on the menu tonight!

  9. Ben & Helen says

    Sorry Matt, but that little extra
    beer nobbly bit of DNA was passed early on and is alive and well in the form of a 5 ft tall female living in Austin….can you guess who that might be ?

  10. Ben & Helen says

    Sorry Matt, but that little extra
    beer nobbly bit of DNA was passed early on and is alive and well in the form of a 5 ft tall female living in Austin….can you guess who that might be ?

  11. says

    wow- we’ve been drinking caipirinhas lately, but this I might have to try; though I do enjoy beer..so maybe not.

  12. says

    you did NOT! omgosh. i LOVE micheladas. my research project is in mexico and my first ritualistic stop when i get to my little town is to go to this tiny little liquor store near the beach and dive shop and get a MUY RICA MICHELADA! no matter what time of day i arrive. i brought the recipe back with me and my best friend’s husband LOVES them. i’m leaving tomorrow for mexico and during my packing all i can think about is mmmmmmmmMICHELADA and i pull up your website and there it is! matt get OUT OF MY HEAD!

  13. says

    I so bought artichokes yesterday and they’re STILL sitting in my fridge. Lately, I’ve been so tired, I’ve had wine for dinner and passing out by 9:30 (pathetic, I know)…

    Enough about me — CONGRATULATIONS!!! You both look so incredibly handsome!!! This is wonderful news! I’m absolutely thrilled. Congrats to you and yo’ man!!!!!

    Ya know, I’m not a beer drinker myself, in fact, I don’t drink it at all really, unless I’m somewhere that specializes in it. I like to taste the most interesting beers hoping i’ll like them. While in Wroclaw, Poland, Jurek (the boy), his entire Polish fam, and me all went to Spiz (a famous brewery there) and I had caramel beer. Their brews were surprisingly light (to my liking) and tasted like the flavor (whatever it may be, caramel in this case) with a hint of beer. Not bad. Not bad at all. Oh, and they totally serve all their beers with a big pile of Polish Rye bread covered in bacon fat (very interesting — more photos and tid bits to come when I finally finish going through the millions of photos I took on this trip!)

  14. bobby says

    Thanks for the props Matt! Can’t wait to see you next time you are in town. And I will make you the biggest nasty-est batch of monkey bread!

  15. says

    i’ve never been to the san jose, but i’ve always wanted to… maybe some romantic, illicit getaway some weekend. never had a michelada, but it sounds SO GOOD i’m fighting the urge to go to the store right now to get beers. maybe this weekend!

    ps your new name plaque looks gorgeous!

  16. J9 says

    I love beer, I’m a total beer geek. And what better than a bloddy mary after an evening of beer drinking. combine the two!?!? brilliant!

  17. says

    Do you think Buffalo Chipotle would work instead of tabasco? Because I do not like the latter, perhaps even more than I do not like beer. But I like savory things…

    Something is wrong with Bloglines, because it is never telling me you have new posts. I have to peek in—a working girl like I doesn’t have the luxury any longer of reading blogs all day.

    I miss you, though, and think you and your hub-sand (as we call them) look dandy in your wedding photos. Speaking of wedding photos, you should check out this guy’s work (he’s a Featured Typepad blog):


    And go to his website and look at his portfolio. I think it will inspire every photographer, and every lover of love, we know.

    Yo’ beer-hatin’ sisterina

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