Hello Paul!


How many of you have your own personal wine guru, someone who guides
and advises you and introduces you to the most delicious bottles of
vino you’d ever taste?

I do. And his name is Paul.

the first to admit that I am woefully ignorant when it comes to wine,
and it’s a reason I choose not to blog about it. I drink a glass every
day with dinner and I have a very basic textbook understanding of
varietals, but I’m on the amateur side of the wine discussion. And I’m
ok with that. I’ve had the pleasure of touring and staying at numerous
wineries over the years (a perk of being in the food bizz indeed!) and
have met some amazing wine folks, but I’ll still admit that I’m
intimidated by it all. And I’m not afraid to say it. That’s where Paul
comes in.

Paul is our best friend and has been working around
wine for years. He spends several weeks a year in France tasting,
buying and sampling, and if I didn’t love him so much I’d be green with
envy. Wait, I still am. But perhaps the reason I’ve never educated
myself further is because Paul is always there for me, asking me what
I’ve enjoyed lately and introducing me to things that really blow my
mind. Whether we’re sitting around his pad in San Francisco sipping
Bordeaux or bringing along a new favorite to dinner when he visits us
in Los Angeles, I can always expect to enjoy some incredible wines
whenever I’m with Paul.

Now Paul is sharing his thoughts-and his
good taste- with the blog world with his new blog Champion Wine. It’s
still very new and Paul admitted he didn’t know how long he would
maintain the momentum of a blog, but reading his first few posts it’s
clear he has a lot to say and won’t run out of ideas any time soon
(yes, I’m gingerly applying pressure to you, Paul). I’m looking forward
to his opinions (he’s got tons, trust me!) and personal stories as well
as the nice images he takes of French winemakers who for some reason
always seem to be easy on the eyes. Maybe that’s because, just like the
wine, Paul picks the best ones every time.

Please send Paul twinkles (if you’re an old skool whole foodser you might get that reference) along with well wishes by visiting his site at Champion Wine.


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    Thanks so much for introducing Paul. I checked out his blog and it looks superior. I’ve been wishing for a friend like this, because I’m a little wine obsessed but the budget just isn’t there to test out a lot of things. And I agree with Paul about the wine snobbery in the US added to a lack of knowledge (and a little fear) being a hindrance to enjoying good wines at decent prices (which is my goal). So, I’ll stop now and leave some comments on Paul’s site so that he’ll keep writing, because I want to know more about what he has to say. Thanks again!

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    That is so sweet of you! On my way now- I also have little knowledge of wine save “I like this one” or “I don’t like this one”. Unfortunately, I don’t have my own “Paul” so… or until now, that is! Woo hoo :)

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    i do. i do.i have two actually – Stanton(uptown)and Vito(downtown) — too spoiled, i know,i know. thank God for wine gurus for without them I would not be sane. i’m a geek for wine knowledge. when i sit down for glass i want the entire history of the region the vineyard, the family that runs it, the grape and the history of that grape.. you name it, i want to hear about it! those are my kinda wine people.

    i’m a total wine geek.

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    At first glance at Paul’s picture, I wasnted to ask him “What’s the best wine for a good cuddle and would you care to share it with me.” But then I read his blog and I feel all dirty now thinking that. I still wouldn’t mind the cuddle, but he’s a pleasure to read.

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    Hy Matt, I am not really obsessed with wine but drink a lot of it, and preferably good wine. Working in the restaurant industry, I am always amazed by the wine specialists giving advice on what goes with what food, I personally think everyone should drink whatever works for him best with whichever food. My dad for example drinks only red wines, with fish, do that in some restaurants, an you will be instantly judged by some schmuck face sommelier. I drink what I want.

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