weekend bites

by Matt on April 26, 2007


• Books books books! This weekend is the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books on the campus of U.C.L.A. There’ll be a panel on Saturday at 10am called "Food Fight: When Did Eating Get Controversial?" with Marion Nestle, Michael Pollan, Barry Glassner and moderated by Russ Parsons. There will also be cooking demonstrations by chefs Govind Armstrong and Nancy Silverton, among others. For more info check out the website.

• I am the luckiest boy on earth: This month I get to brunch with Kevin and hang with Keiko as she returns to Los Angeles for a shoot. I’m also dining with someone very special next week and I also get the chance to chill and talk shop with the incomparable Lara when she heads down south. And who says Los Angeles doesn’t have culture?

• Super Fantastic:
I’ve slowly been working my way through Heidi’s book, Super Natural Cooking. I plan to fully blog about this in the next few weeks–as soon as I stop hyperventilating from the pure mindblowing beauty of this book. Heidi’s outdone herself and the book is simply gorgeous, not to mention delicious. My next tattoo? Heidi’s name across my arm.

• You know what’s cruel? When certain writers talk about charming fish boys at their local market and unshaven strapping cheese men and don’t bother to provide photographic evidence. That’s all I’m saying on this topic. Ahem.