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Sometimes I wonder which I enjoy more: rosé wine itself or the situation that accompanies it. Heck, it must be both. Rosé puts a smile on my face and it’s best shared with good friends under plenty of warm yellow sunlight.

Paul and I were talking last week about rosés and how soon I will enter my pink phase (even though we had a dress rehearsal in Argentina’s summer month during February, drinking our share of a very happy Ciclos rosé with our friends at the pool). I told Paul he should post an entry on Rose´and he was a bit hesitant. But why? He knows so much, can recommend some good ones, and he’s a fan, too. I was happy to see he wrote about them, and it’s the best, most succinct thing I’ve ever read about one of my favorite wines.


He even gives his readers a little assignment, and I’m definitely up for the challenge. Are you?


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    Me too, me too. I’m forever trying to convince friends and family that rosé is not sticky sweet nasty girly pink stuff. I’ve finally gotten my father around to my side. Maybe with Paul’s assignments in hand, I can get the rest of them this summer (funny how people are willing to believe things ‘in print’ more readily than their own family members).

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    Oddly, last year’s chocolate tour I did, no one would drink rosé (more for me!) But this year, when I mentioned rosé, there was much enthusiasm (less for me!)

    These times they are a changin’ I guess. Except just found out the French dude gets a headache from it. Am I going to drink all those bottles I’ve stocked up for summer all by my lonesome? Matt…help!

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    Sorry Matt, I can’t comment now. I’m too busy booking a return flight to Paris to help David in his time of need. Chat later.

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    I also just popped open my first bottles of rose recently, about a month ago. My favorite wine this time of year!

  5. pouke says

    I am a total rose addict at this time of year.But comes october it is on to Pinot…. Matt, your shot is so enticing, it is a beauty !

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    I’m off to BA tomorrow! I can hardly wait. Any restaurants/places I should check out for sure? I’m staying at HomeHotel on the 23rd :)

    Hope you’re well.

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    “Rose just wants to be drunk.”

    I don’t know who this Rose person is, but I like her line of thinking.

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    If you haven’t already, you should try the Willamette Valley rosés, mostly made from their stellar pinot noir grapes. Yum. I visited Oregon last summer and I am dying to get back. Iron Horse Vineyards in the Russian River Valley makes a fine and inexpensive rosé as well. I can’t wait for it to get hot here!

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    I’m totally with you on rosés somehow always going hand in hand with moments of pure, unadultrated enjoyment. Love that.

    I’ve got a similar post singing the praises of rose (in similar notes, in fact) on if you want to check it out.


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