Thoughts On Rosé

by Matt on May 14, 2007


Sometimes I wonder which I enjoy more: rosé wine itself or the situation that accompanies it. Heck, it must be both. Rosé puts a smile on my face and it’s best shared with good friends under plenty of warm yellow sunlight.

Paul and I were talking last week about rosés and how soon I will enter my pink phase (even though we had a dress rehearsal in Argentina’s summer month during February, drinking our share of a very happy Ciclos rosé with our friends at the pool). I told Paul he should post an entry on Rose´and he was a bit hesitant. But why? He knows so much, can recommend some good ones, and he’s a fan, too. I was happy to see he wrote about them, and it’s the best, most succinct thing I’ve ever read about one of my favorite wines.


He even gives his readers a little assignment, and I’m definitely up for the challenge. Are you?