From Wise Bread via Megnut (thanks, Meg!) Here’s something I never bothered giving any thought to: baby carrots ain’t so. A very interesting read worth checking out.

And yet it still doesn’t affect me as I rarely buy carrots. I know I know, tsk tsk. I’m not the world’s biggest carrot lover anyway, and it takes those gnarly, multiple colored versions at the farmers’ market to seduce and excite me.

Damn, there goes my eyesight…


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    I’m a great carrot lover, so I eat loads of them – big, small, straight, knobly (?). As long as they taste good, I don’t care how they look! I learnt that ‘baby carrots aren’t baby carrots in the US’ few months ago through some of the comments on my blog, and I find the whole concept of non-baby-baby-carrots rather amusing:)

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    Amusing for sure. I’ve always avoided the not-baby baby carrots for the reasons cited in the article: why pay more for something that doesn’t taste good? I’m not so lazy that I can’t peel some carrots.

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    Poor Matt, not to like carrots. Get some sweet ones from the farmers market (multi-colored if you want) and douse with a little olive oil and salt and pepper and roast them at high heat til they start to shrivel and caramelize. Maybe sprinkle with a little good (but not great) balsamic. Honestly, they taste like candy!

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    Shoot, I could have published the same thing. They have a carrot “rock tumbler” they use. One of the owners of Pinnacle Produce (major small farm, if such a thing can be said) told me, “We could get rich doing that. Not interested.”

    I love true baby carrots. Quick steam and then sauté in unsalted butter with some tiny herbs: marjoram or tarragon are best, to me. Kosher flake salt, with its distinct flakes, is best to adorn.

  5. Matthew says

    Actually, the carrots in your picture *are* baby carrots — the real kind — and I would love to chef those up right now. it’s the chubby ones in plastic bags that look like fingers that you should avoid.

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