National Donut Day


Depending on who you ask, Friday, June 1st is National Donut Day. Marketing ploy or genuine unrecognized American holiday? Who the hell cares! All I know is that you should enjoy your favorite donut with friends and family and celebrate this ever-so-important date.

Jelly Filled, anyone?


  1. says

    man. do i ever need a wall of donuts in my house. oh, wait a minute… i think my ass qualifies for a wall of donuts while i’m in my house, so i’m covered! :)

    GREAT photo – love all those beautiful donuts, and i will most definitely be celebrating national donut day tomorrow. i mean why not? to me, EVERY day is national donut day. i’m just a donut patriot, baby.

    make mine chocolate covered, with sprinkles.

  2. says

    i like bear claws! is that still technically a donut? i love the new photo! great hat! i have one in grey. (i have been trying to get some like that sewn up, but i think i have ‘too much on my plate’ at this time!) have a great trip, matt!

  3. says

    So with you on the donut thing. I’ve got my current fave up as we speak. Nothing like your Wall O’ Donuts, though.

  4. says

    And here I was thinking tomorrow I’d rebel against Los Angeleno food hegemony and buy donuts for lunch. (P.S. Your arm tattoos are excellent. All foodies should be forced to get awesome tats. Like the Jews did in World War II, but less emaciated.)

  5. Jesska says

    Lovely lovely photo. Your self-portraits are so well done, it inspires me to pull out the old 35 mm (pre-digital) camera with the zoom lens. 😉

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