Oh gosh darn it!

I had all these blog entries ready to go,
98% complete, and then work and real life interrupted and took over! I
just finished art directing and co-photographing a cookbook in Montecito
for a truly wonderful client and will give all the details when I can and then I head to New
York City next week for some Apple stuff and a few meetings for a
future project that I’m super stoked about! There’s also a new website in the works for my "professional" side of life that I hope to complete soon if I don’t throw this computer off the desk and stomp on it while crying. I’d ask you to keep your
fingers crossed for me but I don’t want anyone to get any hand cramps
or anything.

I really wish my trip would have coincided with
Lara and Bea’s weekend, I can’t wait to hear all about their workshop
and to see the pictures of my gals in action. And yes, they are "my
gals" because I love them so much and they make me all happy and warm
and fuzzy inside. But I don’t need to tell you how talented they are,
really. You know this.

See everyone when I get back!

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