Matt Teaches A Class!

by Matt on June 18, 2007

Wfm_culinary_center_logo Are you in New York City? Are you interested in a few hours of food
blogging talk, photography chit chat and some food styling tips with some really goofy
guy named Matt whose blog you just happen to reading this very second? Then stop by the Culinary Center at Whole Foods Market
Bowery where I’ll be teaching "The Ins And Outs of Food Blogging" with the good folks at my alma mater on Sunday, July 15th.

must admit that I was flattered beyond belief when I was approached for
a class. It’s Whole Foods Market, for pete’s sake! And although it’s my
first class with Whole Foods
Market, I’m no stranger to the natural foods juggernaut. I got my start
in the food business back in Austin with Whole Foods 17 years ago
(anybody remember Brodie Oaks?) and
even though it was a small natural foods grocer at that time with 5
stores and I’ve since moved on, I’ve never lost my deep connection to
the company as they’ve
expanded and gone global. I still consider them part of my family, so
when the offer came to teach a class I
didn’t have to think twice.Wfm_logo_120

You can register for my class here as well as discover all the other
amazing classes they offer. I’m bummed I missed the cooking class
series with the folks from Saveur Magazine! I can only imagine how cool
that was.

I look forward to seeing you!