You Were Always On My Mind

by Matt on June 29, 2007


Lately I’ve been feeling nothing but love from my home state. Many of you have taken the time to come out of the shadows and say hello through emails, and when you do that it not only tickles me pink but connects me to my home state in ways you may not know. And then Texas Monthly shows up in the mailbox, news of best friends relocating from San Francisco to Austin trickles down, certain people remind me what I love most about home and before you know it I’m homesick and pining for an evening of two-steppin’, sitting on porches laughing about life and downing another margarita.

I even still wear boots on occasion, you know.

The delightful Lauren from Austin just wrote me to talk typefaces (seems we’re both art directors as well as food lovers) and mentioned to me that Austin now has this wonderful publication and I wanted to say how much it excites me. I’ve been gone from Austin so long but still remember all the quirky merchants, shops, farms and growers and it’s nice to see that they’re all still going strong. I’m definitely be sending in my subscription to Edible Austin so I can keep in touch with the food scene, and of course I’ll always rely on my friend Melissa who always has the funniest and poignant tales to tell about the Lone Star State. I miss you, girl!