I’m not a nerd I’m not a nerd I’m not a nerd

I’m one of the 2 people on the planet who did not buy the iPhone. As I sat at the Apple offices in midtown Manhattan three weeks ago I told myself I’d wait since that’s what I always do when Apple issues a new product. Let them work out the kinks, you know. But if you’ll allow me to be perfectly honest, I’m upset, sad, bitter, jealous and frustrated that I wasn’t standing in line to get one.  My rational side prevailed and I decided against an iPhone at this point. Of course, we’ll see how long this lasts. I just can’t hear one more thing about that gorgeous little piece of gadgetry without salivating.

It got me thinking about all things Apple and how much they’ve been a part of my life. I remember the day my father brought home an Apple IIe in 1983 and how it was the coolest thing ever. Who cares if all I could do was make lines of text run and repeat? It was still really fun. Fast forward some 24 years later and I’m still surrounded by Mac gear, even if a certain phone is missing from the line up.


I came across this Apple evolution chart and couldn’t believe my eyes. The number of Macs I’ve owned and used over the past 24 years really made me feel like a supergeek, not to mention an old supergeek. In case you want to know, I’ve highlighted those machines on the chart created by Edwin Tofslie. I still have a Performa and Powerbook 150 in my closet, too.

Oh iPhone, I don’t even own you and I love you.

So of course you know I’m going to ask:  Are you a Mac or PC kind of person?


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    Exclusively Mac here. They’re simply better computers and they feature a far more reliable operating system.

    And I agree with waiting on the iPhone. As with the iPod, in a year or less the second generation iPhone will be out with more storage, a better battery and a lower price tag.

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    Mac lover and user. I keep a PC around for testing websites and they don’t displease me overall – but the mac? Pleases me.

    As for the iPhone, I stood in line, loved it dearly until I realized it was a dud (very, VERY limited service coverage and a battery that would not charge fully).

    Took it back to the Apple store today and they swapped it out with a new one.

    Fingers crossed.

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    I honestly don’t think I’m either a mac or pc person at this point. I got my first mac in college, while studying design. Then I got a second. Then I lived with a girl who only wanted a pc and ended up with a Dell (dude). Now? I dunno. I honestly think I’m happy with any computer that functions efficiently…since I do spent most of my day in front of it. For all the bad stuff said about pc’s…mine works just fine…it even outlasted the girlfriend. hehe!

    I don’t own a cell phone. Or a PDA. Or a video game system. Or…well the list goes on. I kinda avoid wanting too many pricey gadgets I don’t absolutely need.

    Hrm. I think I just lost every ounce of geek street cred I might’ve once had. Does being able to replace my own motherboard earn any of that back? πŸ˜‰

    Personally, I think you’re wise to wait for all the kinks to be worked out on the iPhone.

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    I *am* a geek. I was going to wait for v2 of the iPhone, too… but then we went to dinner and had too many drinks on the night of the launch, and made the mistake of driving by the Apple store on the way home. Poor impulse control, moi?

    We’re multi-platform here, Mac and PC. Given our professional history (we both used to be editors at Macworld) I suppose that’s a bit surprising. But we’re Mac-lovers at heart…

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    Wow, I admire your willpower!!!!! I SAID I was NOT going to get an iphone right away……was goint to wait……well, the second day I was just pulled to the store by magnetic force and bought one. Love it love it love it.

    Mac Mac Mac all the way. Everything mac. Loved looking at the chart you posted. Fun to look back and see all the stuff I have had over the years. Think I got my first around the same time as you.

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    Mac Mac Mac. I have somehow managed to endure my entire professional life — 20 years so far — working exclusively on Macs. I can function on Windoze, but not by choice. I actually learned Ventura, the page layout program developed by Xerox that had the first GUI and whose engineers spun off and developed the first Mac OS, way back in the day. So, I guess you could call me a little bit of a Mac geek.

    BUT — I never buy Apple 1.0 anything. I’m waiting, just like you.

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    PC with a Mac heart. You just can’t get everything on a mac that you can a pc for the same price.

    I know all the arguments, plus at the time I don’t think some people in my house were unafraid of Mac…because they didn’t know.

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    I’ve given up on both, actually. I headed for Linux and haven’t dreamed of turning back.

    if I was going to go for a BSD based system (Mac OSX is bad based, I’d use Solaris instead)

    I don’t hate mac or PC… I just feel like there was a better alternative

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    I hate to tell you this, but there are no kinks to work out! The iPhone totally lives up to the hype. Sorry! You should get one, like now.

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    You know how I swing, computer wise. But in case you’re curious about models? http://apertureprofessional.com/articleimages/auto_upload/3911b1a5745ee37cd912c6a9fd1eff4b/apple_evolution.jpg

    They however left off a few others I’e owned, including the IIfx, IIci, SE/30, Quadra 650 (same case as the power mac, but different board). They’ve also left off the flat panel iMacs (weird, huh?) which I own, and the Newtwon Message Pad 2000.

    Oh yeah, and I have a Pipin in my collection, Apple’s abandoned experiment in gaming console. The version of the file I downloaded didn’t have the last five products, all of which I’ve owned.

    Go buy the phone. Really. Those kinks that might get worked out? The iPhone is based on OS X, and so it can be updated via software.

    And it’s the best portable photo portfolio ever.

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    A PC person. Haven’t got an iPod or any other Mac gear. I was really frustrated when I temporarily had to use an iMac as a research fellow at Edinburgh University, as I found it so much more difficult and confusing to use than a good old PC. I guess it was me, and not the desktop computer;(
    I love the look of Mac-gear however, so if they weren’t so user-unfriendly, I’d probably buy one just for looks :)

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    mac, all the way. MY dad brought home a university model in 1990 and it was the best thing ever. Nobody I knew even knew what a mouse was!

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    pc. if you can believe it, i’ve only ever been in the same room with a mac on two occasions. really. i could tell you both occasions right now, but that’d be boring. i’ve just somehow always been surrounded by pc users, and have always been employed by pc users… and i have ALWAYS wanted to learn how to use a mac, because you know what? i am absolutely certain i’d want to switch.

    they’re pretty :)

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    Totally a PC girl in every way. Had a Mac laptop for a brief period last year because they just look so cool, but I never could adjust.

    On the other hand, I’ve been playing with a friend’s iPhone and I may be in love. If I can just get the hang of the keyboard, it’ll be bye bye Blackberry.

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    My mom had a disastrous experience with the first year model of the Plymouth Horizon way back in the late 70s. Thus, I never buy the first version of anything.

    I was a little surprised I didn’t have to outright forbid huzzleban from buying an iPhone (and he also runs Ubuntu, Rich, on two of his three computers, all PCs), but he too is wary of first models. Oh, and the AT&T two-year contract.

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    I have some theories about mac vs. pc users, but I think I’ll keep them to myself for now. :) Suffice it to say my dad gave me a second-hand performa 6100 in 1996 and I’ve never looked back. I have to use both pc and linux machines at work, though, which serves as daily reinforcement of my undying devotion to all things apple!

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    hey matt!

    first, let me express my awe and admiration of your blog. the photos are amazing and i love your style in writing. you certainly are an inspiration. :)

    as for pc vs. mac thing …i am and have always been a pc owner, but i certainly am drooling over the latest macbooks. for now, though, i must save for a digital slr. :)

    i guess i do qualify as a nerd though, because i’ve been a linux user for the past 6-7 months. i am slowly moving further away from microsoft and i don’t regret it.

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    I don’t know if I come that close to your obsessive Mac addiction (hehe), but I’ve had my fair share of expensive Apple toys, too. We’re a geek club, ain’t we?

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    Mac all the way. I used to be a pc guy and well, the Powerbook changed me. I love the way it looks, the way it runs and the way it makes me giddy.

    Mac 4 Eva!

  20. J. Wade says

    I am afraid I identify with John Hodgman more than Justin Long. I bought an Intel iMac when they first came out. Finally, a pretty computer that can also play Madden! But alas, a super bad experience with Apple customer service and boot camp being a buggy piece of crap and I find myself feeling like the ugly duckling married to a pretty person that has no interest in me. The iMac isn’t interested in using any of the software I need/want to use and is only grudgingly willing to talk to my best friend, my dell laptop computer. It rolls it’s eyes in contempt at the idea of using “common” applications and despite the advertised claim of superior stability I seem to find myself hitting the restart button just as much as on my laptop because iMac is stuck “just working”. So we sullenly tolerate each other in a loveless marriage. Even with that bad experience, I find myself going to the in laws home and lusting after iMac’s beautiful cousin, the iPhone. iPhone would without a doubt be demanding and require a lot from me. Especially my wallet and that prenuptial agreement is a bitch. But what can I say? I am a sucker for a pretty face.

  21. Ed says

    Hi Matt…It’s Ed of Kevin and Ed! Guess what I have….. I bought it on Saturday. I was like you and trying not to get it in it’s first incarnation. Then Kevin and I went to the Grove this weekend, and as an aside, I asked the guy outside the Apple store if they had any iPhones. He said yes. I looked inside and there was no one in line! Within 3 minutes, I kid you not, I was out the door walking through the Grove with an iPhone in a bag! Easy as pie! And…..I LOVE IT! It’s better than I ever imagined. You HAVE to run out and get one. Don’t wait. It’s a Mac. They don’t put things out until they’re ready. All upgrades will be able to be downloaded, I’m sure!

    Hope to see you guys again soon……

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    My name is Tony and I’m a Techaholic. It all started with a Mac 7200 with 1710AV monitor, you know the one with the built in speakers on the bottom of the case. Then it was an 8600 tower, a Power Computing clone and then a sleek G3 Powerbook caught my eye. Now it’s a G4 Powerbook that assists me in my Studio.

    The iPhone is a sleek, feature packed item, but I can’t give into it. How would I ever accomplish anything if I sat in my studio and surf, check emails, listen to iTunes and talk on the phone? Oh, I could do that anywhere if I had the iPhone…My name is Tony and I’m going to demonstrate a little discipline…starting now.

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    Sure I want one – but I need a better camera first. For now, I don’t receive or make enough phone calls to warrant spending the money. Now… if it was a focusable digital camera…we’d have to talk…..

  24. Robert says

    I’m squarely outside all camps. I refuse to touch any Mac that is pre-OSX. I refuse to touch any PC running Windows older than Windows 2000. I will poke Linux/Unix boxes and have fun playing around in Bash, but could never figure enough out to get work done.

    As far as stuff I will touch goes…I’m writing this on a 12″ iBook 1GHz G4 running OS 10.3.9 (too cheap to buy 10.4, not even thinking of 10.5). I bought this iBook to cure my need for an unbreakable machine and succeeded – it took six months for a whole-system crash to occur. I had all the programs I needed and it was all good. Then I needed to program and found that compilers for the languages I was writing in were…difficult to obtain for Macs, at best – free was pretty much a no-go. So I built up a desktop running Windows XP Pro and have been learning to program and gaming on it since and it has been solid as a rock. Probably owing to it being a home-built piece as opposed to a factory built – none of the extra crap software on it that I don’t need. Both are beautiful machines.

    As far as the switch from Windows (which I used for ten years before I got the iBook) to OS X, let alone OS X on a laptop: Seamless. In fact, I hadn’t touched an OS X machine before and was accused, not a week after getting the iBook, of being a complete and utter Mac addict by a fellow PC person.

    As far as administration goes…I wouldn’t have a clue where to start BSD administration, all my training is on Win2K Server+Pro.

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    We’ve (well, really my husband runs things and I use them:) been using Linux for the past 5 years now…first Suse, then Red Hat, then Suse, and now Ubuntu….I am really happy with Ubuntu! It just runs faster than Windows OS and Mac’s OS and keyboard just drives me up the wall…but they have such nice huge monitors that I dream of all day…

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    macmacmacmacmacmacmac. I bought my first in ’87, a wood-fired SE with a massive 20MB internal drive. I won’t take the time to count the number of Macs I’ve owned since, but it’s more than 10. We currently have in-house a 21″ G5 iMac, a 15″ G4 PowerBook, and a mini w/17″ monitor. And a few iPods. Unfortunately, I need to run two programs that are only supported for Windows, so two of my Macs are sullied with Virtual PC…but the scrennsaver is a block of beautiful 3D rotating text that says β€œWindows Blows.” It pleases me greatly.

    I’ll be upgrading to an IntelMac soon, so I can run the Winblows stuff under Parallels.

    No iPhone for us…no point in service-free Vermont.

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    Oh look, your own little incarnation of the OS Wars :) As anyone who knows me can predict, I’ll happily weigh in —

    PC, exclusively until about 6 months ago. I keep one Windows 2000 installation knocking around just in case I need it, but all of the other computers are running various versions of Linux – Slackware, SuSE, Ubuntu, DSL, Gentoo. They do everything I need, including gaming – World of Warcraft, Heroes of Might and Magic and the like work perfectly (*cough* given enough tinkering, that is.) The ‘exclusively until’ part is there because when I needed a new laptop, I bought an MacBook Pro. Custom-painted, it is a thing of beauty. And of course, it’s running XUbuntu πŸ˜‰

    No iPhone for me – the youtube videos of people who’ve gotten World of Warcraft working on it are temptingly geeky, but I don’t really want my phone to do anything but make phone calls.

  28. says

    Hey Matt,

    Mac fanatic here all the way. And don’t listen to the nay-sayers. Get the iPhone. I’m in love. In love I tell you.


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    My first Mac was an Apple IIe back when I was in fifth grade. I played Lode Runner, Wizardry, and programmed BASIC programs routines like these:

    > 20 GOTO 10

    I’m on my iMac in the dungeon, on the Macbook upstairs, and at work on the dual 3.0 Intel with 30″ Cinema Display (thank you boss man).

    I’m waiting for the features of the iPhone to cascade down into subsequent revs of various iPods, actually. The “phone” portion of the iPhone for me is the least compelling feature. I generally don’t like to talk to people, and absolutely abhor voice mail with a passion reserved for durian and Dick Cheney.

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    Husband always Mac person, me always PC. I’ve resisted being a MAC person for 20 years….husband said he’d buy me iphone if I trade in my PC…..I am being assimilated…..go Apple!

  31. says

    Mac for personal, PC forced upon me at work. But I absolutely love my Mac (her name is Lady Victoria) and I can’t imagine computing without her.

  32. says

    Hi Matt,
    Very cool site! LOVE the pickled onions! We are “bi” in our house πŸ˜‰ . We swing both ways! Our first love and true devotion goes to Mac but because of duty we are tied to the dark side. We are force into bondage and servitude to the PC…*wimper*. Please make the bad man stop! But alas, it isn’t to be. Becuase of our clients, we have to work cross-platform and learn to deal with it. Good and evil. Night and day. Heaven and hell. I guess it’s the shear extremes that makes a person appreciate divinity, eh?

    Hope you will come visit sometime. http://www.mulliganstewme.blogspot.com


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