I’m not a nerd I’m not a nerd I’m not a nerd

by Matt on July 8, 2007

I’m one of the 2 people on the planet who did not buy the iPhone. As I sat at the Apple offices in midtown Manhattan three weeks ago I told myself I’d wait since that’s what I always do when Apple issues a new product. Let them work out the kinks, you know. But if you’ll allow me to be perfectly honest, I’m upset, sad, bitter, jealous and frustrated that I wasn’t standing in line to get one.  My rational side prevailed and I decided against an iPhone at this point. Of course, we’ll see how long this lasts. I just can’t hear one more thing about that gorgeous little piece of gadgetry without salivating.

It got me thinking about all things Apple and how much they’ve been a part of my life. I remember the day my father brought home an Apple IIe in 1983 and how it was the coolest thing ever. Who cares if all I could do was make lines of text run and repeat? It was still really fun. Fast forward some 24 years later and I’m still surrounded by Mac gear, even if a certain phone is missing from the line up.


I came across this Apple evolution chart and couldn’t believe my eyes. The number of Macs I’ve owned and used over the past 24 years really made me feel like a supergeek, not to mention an old supergeek. In case you want to know, I’ve highlighted those machines on the chart created by Edwin Tofslie. I still have a Performa and Powerbook 150 in my closet, too.

Oh iPhone, I don’t even own you and I love you.

So of course you know I’m going to ask:  Are you a Mac or PC kind of person?