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Is there any way to say THANK YOU loud enough for you to hear me? Probably not.

But I’ll try…


I sincerely want to thank those of you who made it to the class. I hope it was an informative experience but even more I want to let you know that I am not able to express the gratitude I have for each of you for braving a sweaty NYC afternoon to spend a few hours with me.

I’ve said this before about blogging but it bears repeating: this blogging business has been the best way to connect with so many people with such amazing stories and experiences, and it’s what really keeps me going.

It was an afternoon I’ll never forget, and I’m not sure if anyone could sense my nervousness from being in the presence of Adam Kuban, but trust me, I was awestruck. I’ve decided to just head up this man’s west coast fan club, I swear. Or just tattoo his face on my arm.

Thanks to Martha at Whole Foods for hosting such a wonderful afternoon.

I hope to see everyone again very soon!

P.S. The gorgeous gal in the photos above with the payaso is none other than my beautiful sister Angela. She also took the pictures, and I cherish every moment I get to spend with her. I love you, my big sis!



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    What a lovely sister! Sounds like you had an awesome time in NYC. I could not make it but thought of you as I worked in my garden. I couldnt think about it too long because I started to feel mopey but I did think of all the fun you and your students had!

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    Awww. That’s too much, Matt. Thanks for the great class. It was great to finally meet you. I really liked the discussion on blogging and the photo/photo styling tips. I don’t know if I’m quite ready to pull together a photo-styling kit yet, but I think the tips about diffused lighting and such will go into the little photo studio I want to build in the Serious Eats office. Thanks again!

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    Wow, sounds like you may have had more fun than the students. My question is wether there was a section on Rose’? :)

    Wish I could have been there, Lord knows I ask you enough questions as it is.

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    It was wonderful to finally meet you! And I loved the whole group at the class and how interactive it was. I hope you head back east again soon!

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    And I forgot to mention how nice it was to meet the folks in the audience who I had only known through their blogs. It was great to put faces with URLs. On that note: Do you have the links of all the bloggers in attendance? If you think they wouldn’t mind your publishing them here, it’d be great to get those links. I think I may have written some of them down incorrectly—for that, I’ll blame today’s heat 😉

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    No, Thank You!

    The class was great, I am especially grateful for the food styling resources you recommended, and the chance to network with all the other NYC food bloggers. :) Thanks for flying out to see us, it was a pleasure to meet you in person.


    p.s. As for braving the steamy afternoon weather, Puh-leese, Whole Foods is air-conditioned. lol

  7. Kerry says

    The thanks really go to you, Matt. You led a great afternoon and facilitated an amazing back-and-forth with the audience. I loved you before — but I’m now in major awe!

  8. Veronica says


    are you planning on doing anymore of these in the future? I would like to attend one someday.

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    Yeah, yeah. So when’s the foodie train stopping in L.A. huh? P.S. Those pictures are really good – what camera did you use?

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    Dear Matt, I’m so happy that you had a wonderful time – looking forward to hearing more about it (and you must plan another class in London soon ;))

    I can’t tell you how much I love these photos of you and your gorgeous sister – so lovely.


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    I was signed up to your class but had to miss it! I’m so sorry to have missed it. I’ve been reading your blog for awhile and, being relatively new to the food blogging world, was looking forward to a few tips! Want to trade banana bread for an mp3? J/K….kinda

    Banana Bread Link:

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    It was a great class and it was so nice to meet you in person along with all the other bloggers! Thanks a million!

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    Hi Matt!!

    Thanks for the fantastic class. Input from you and the others helped get a lot of perspective on viewpoint, technique, and experience.
    And your sister is a sweetheart!!

    Dont let it be too soon before you make another appearance in Whole Foods!! =)

  14. caro says

    Ditto Ditto Ditto on what everyone else in the class has said above. It was fun to put faces to blog-dentities. And finally meeting you was everything I imagined and more. Meeting your sister was a happy bonus — she pretty much co-taught the class! Un abrazo,


    Tunes like candy, dishes that sing and other enthusiasms on the Latin side.

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    You had me at Panuchos. I was so taken with that post that I didn’t scroll down to see that you were coming to my city!!!! I’m thrilled that it was a success but sad that I missed out. This means that you’ll have to come back SOON!

  16. Zoe Dorau says

    hi Matt its me zoe!!!!!!! and i agree with u!!
    my mom is very pretty!!!!!! And i am happy that she got to spend time with u! i wish i could have been there, but i am in Texas! the
    next class u have i will be there!

    All love,
    Zoe ;-p

    P.S say hi to Adam and the girls!!!!

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    Hi Matt – the pleasure was all ours :)

    A fine way to spend a steamy afternoon. Wonderful to chat with everyone, and a million thanks for the photography tips. Brilliant!

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    I agree with everyone else, the class was a hit! I hope you do more — particularly on photographing food.

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