Happy Corn

by Matt on July 19, 2007


Because of my need to organize just about everything in my life (OCD, anyone?), I’ve always mentally attached a personality or characteristic to colors, shapes and even food. I know I know, it sounds strange, but I’ve learned to accept that my brain short circuits on occasion and so far it has served me well.  When it comes to food, starchy winter root vegetables are the strong silent types, not necessarily the most exciting but always sturdy and dependable. Scotch Bonnets and anything higher up on the Scoville chart are loud, brassy and fine to have over once in a while but will go through your cabinets and put their feet up on the couch and leave reminders that they invaded if you’re not careful. Baby lettuces? So sweet and prim. Figs? Too cool and you’re lucky to hang out with them if they let you–they never stick around long enough.

And then there’s the happiest, friendliest of all vegetables: corn. Never one to complain, corn will stand in just about anywhere and everywhere, allowing herself to be enjoyed in almost any capacity we can think of. And believe me, we’ve done some pretty crazy things with her. And it’s safe to say that our relationship (because, yes, it is a relationship) goes back hundreds of years, and she’s given  civilizations power, fuel, oil, sweeteners, packaging and sustenance. We’ve helped her along the entire way and it’s safe to say we need her and she needs us.

I like that in a friend. And see? I told you I was strange.


I recently found this recipe on O Olive Oils’ web site. I am rekindling my love with O after many years of being obsessed with Spanish oils…it’s that eat local thing, you know? Anyway, grill corn, cut it off the cob, drizzle it with Tahitian lime oil, and man oh man heaven is knocking at your doorstep. Seriously. And while late summer’s glorious corn bounty hasn’t arrived just yet you can still find some great ears out there.

Grill Corn & Feta Salad
This is much more of a serving suggestion than a recipe, but if you want quantities email me and I’ll measure which is my way of saying I’ll make this over and over again under the guise of helping someone out. Sneaky, eh?

Remove husks from fresh corn and grill all sides until charred and slightly smoky. Shave the corn kernels off the cob and toss with feta cheese, fresh chopped cilantro and kosher salt. Dress the entire salad with O Tahitian Lime Olive Oil. Enjoy.

Note: You don’t have to use O brand, but trust me, it adds another dimension to the salad that might be missing without that lime element. If you were born with that pesky genetic condition that makes cilantro taste like soap then 1) Call your parents and yell at them and 2) Substitute parsley or watercress in this salad.