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A few weeks back I was contacted by the ever-so-delightful Mariel of Table Fuel, a new blog created for the purpose of thesis research. Mariel is looking for comments, discussions, and insight about food, cooking, and being in the kitchen. Being the passionate bunch we are I thought I’d write about her site and ask for a little blog love to be sent her way. I can’t wait to read more about her project once it’s complete and I truly look forward to discussing some throught provoking topics about food and being in the kitchen.

As for me, the kitchen was the center of the house and it’s still the gathering spot today. It’s where my earliest memories of food and family come from and it’s still the spot where people congregate today. I think Mariel said it best!

You can visit her blog here.


  1. says

    Mariel’s project looks really interesting. Some of my happiest times are spent in the kitchen, I could even say most of them, except for maybe the dining room, where we sit around the table. Thanks once again Matt for tipping us off to such a remarkable venture.

  2. says

    This sounds like a fabulous project! My favorite memory of all took place in the kitchen. My parents were always busy with lots of work so we didn’t do a lot of things together as a whole family. One wintery Sunday morning, it snowed so much that we couldn’t get out of the house. My mom sliced up a bunch of potatoes and we worked together as a family to make a huge batch of homemade kettle chips that were so very delicious. It’s been more than 20 years but I can still taste that salty crunch and remember the laughter we shared.

  3. Eliz says

    Just came to visit yr food n photography site…… All of them are awesome & gorgeous!

  4. says

    Thanks for passing this along to us! I think her web site has a great premise. I took a food, culture, and society class and if I had done my thesis through that professor, this would have been a great way to do it!

  5. says

    I’m not sure why but when I visit her blog, my URL info seems to come up as your URL, meaning I can’t link others to her, but can only refer them to your site for the link. Is this supposed to be like that or is it my computer?


  6. says

    What a fun idea! I’ll be sure to send some foodie love her way. BTW, your site is AMAZING! Beautiful photos and wonderful text,

  7. says

    What a generous guy you are. It’s not often that bloggers are willing to post about someone’s event or blog project. (And least, not without some cash being thrown their way!)

    Looks like a neat project, thanks for the tip!

  8. says

    Hi Matt, This sounds like a great and interesting project. I almost feel like changing my own thesis topic to something similar :) Definitely, kitchen is THE room of my home that I would hate to trade off. So many memories get created here in the most creative place of the house!

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