A Cupcake Haiku, more or less


I swore off Sprinkles
   then Seasonal Cherry came
Now my waistline grows.


  1. says

    This is similar to my relationship with the cupcakes at Citizen Cake in San Francisco. I swear off them — with great conviction –while I dwell 45 miles south. The minute I arrive in The City, I start plotting how fast I can get my hands on some.

  2. says

    This is the cupcake place in LA that people are talking about all the way in Seattle? Looks pretty amazing. We are blessed with Cupcake Royale in our neighborhood, which definitely rounded out the belt for the first few years, though now my resistance has grown sufficiently.

    Michael Natkin

  3. says

    Comme ils sont beaux ! Je rĂªve de faire des cupcakes, je crois que je vais m’y mettre ! Merci pour cette belle photo !

  4. Steve says

    You totally just made me and Steve1 laugh out loud while reading this. However, you have now made me think of cupcakes whilst I’m starving, so I must hate you for a few minutes.

    okay im done hating. My love for the Matt has returned. w00t! food good.

  5. loney kitchen says

    Those cupcakes are a distant memory now. While in LA last month I searched for a Sprinkle shop and found one around Newport Beach. The Red Velvet Cupcakes are the best! Thank you for those photos, they have just transported me from Southeast Asia back to LA.

  6. says

    I never tried Sprinkles, but right before I left LA I fell in love with the salted caramel cupcakes at Lark Cake Shop in Silver Lake. The perfect salty-sweet frosting with a small enough vanilla cake, so the frosting ratio is perfect.

  7. says

    Mmmm. These look so tasty. I can’t say much…after the last week of chocolate…well, you get the picture. But, I do say enjoy.

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