1. says

    “He who never walks except where he sees other men’s tracks will make no discoveries.”
    -quote from an unknown source

    “Take that Melissa”
    -quote from me (Kevin)

  2. says

    Kevin is cracking me up.

    Isn’t that photo cool? How did they do that? I admit that I thought of you right away when I started reading the article this morning.

    I liked yours WAY better. Yours was funnier, plus it had Bloody Mary’s in it.

  3. says

    Yeah … it happens a lot more than I think most of us are willing to admit. I found an AP article that seemed amazingly similar to one of my blog posts, including identical phrasing in three different spots.

    Oh, and a Sunset magazine piece including photo style.

    That said, the style sections are usually written weeks or even months in advance, so it could be a complete coincidence.

  4. Jason Stephenson says

    Apparently a new variety of tomatoe called “Biltmore”, just won out over a ton of heirlooms. I saw it on the television, so it must be true.


  5. says

    Lol! Wow! Not sure what went on there, but tomatoes sure have been all over the place! That’s why I did my tomato roundup and included you in it, remember? :) Back to the article, you should be um, flattered..?

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