If You Can’t Laugh At Yourself…


From a Los Angeles County Fair commercial:

An older couple approach a stand at a Pie Baking Contest. Behind the counter are two very typical Southern California girls and a very attractive-yet-cosmetically-enhanced mother.

"What kind of pie is this?" asks the gentleman.

"An organic rainforest apple pie — made with non-genetically modified cinnamon!" boasts the mom.

"It contains no lactose, no fructose, or any other kind of tose!" squeals the girl in perfect Cali Up Speak.

"And it’s made with the recommended daily allowance of antioxidants and gingko biloba!" says the second girl.

The man takes a bites which renders a face of disgust.

"Oh my god!" the girl screams. "I think he really likes it!"

They all giggle and squeal.

God I freakin’ love Los Angeles.


  1. superstella says

    LOL, the ones I’ve seen are from last year, I think…. Cotton Candy, Bumper Cars, and my personal favorite: Wool from a Cow.

    Buhahahahah!! =)

  2. says

    this series of commercials that they do for the fair are so absolutely brilliant. i get so excited every year when they start airing. unfortunately, i have yet to go to the LA-County-Fair. This year might do the trick.

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