by Matt on September 12, 2007


I know it’s all my own fault for clicking, but when someone sent me a link to a recent Los Angeles Times article (registration required) asking me to weigh in on the topic, I found myself grabbing a pillow and searching for the softest spot under a shady tree I could find. The topic –anonymity, blogging, restaurant critics crying foul, resto-bloggers screaming louder — has bored me almost as badly as the last time I took my car in for servicing and read Field & Stream for over two hours because I was stranded without a ride.

No offense towards hunters meant.

Tell the world who you are. Or don’t. Slather your head shot on your splash page. Or just include your lips, as coy and annoying as that is. Dowhatchalike. I just cannot believe this topic has garnered so much debate and energy and attention — and here I am stoking the flame!

This new fangled World Wide Web is big enough for all of us. Can’t we all just get along?

Mattbites will return to happier, delicious things in the next few days. Thanks for reading my rant.