A Roisin In The Sun


"I always order my breakfast like that…don’t you?"


"This Lady Walks Into A Diner…"

Folks, how about a little pop music to get your day started? As a fan of Irish pop chanteuse Roisin Murphy (you may know her from her days with Moloko), I’m obsessed with her latest single called "Let Me Know". It’s pure retro 90’s house and keeps it pretty poppy and happy without veering too far into the artsy experimental dance stuff her solo work sometimes does. Besides, any woman who can wear an outfit like this AND dance around a diner while waiting for her food will always have me as a fan. Forever!

p.s. Why can’t I have a spotlight on me when I hit my local greasy spoon?


  1. says

    Matt, can we avoid using terms like “retro” in the same sentence with “90’s”? You just made me feel far older than i wanted to, man!

    Love the song, hate the video

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