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    I saw that in the magazine, and read it twice, thinking I’d seen it wrong the first time.

    Idiots… now with new & improved letter writing capabilities!

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    I am so glad you posted the comment, it gets people to speak out and maybe most of all to maybe take some action. I also absolutely agree with Melissa’s comment- (well said). It appears the writer of the Gourmet comment would greatly benefit from a history lesson.

    That particular issue of Gourmet was one of their best!

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    Hey, I know this was posted a while ago, I just wanted to mention something. Right before you put this up, I had a conversation with one of the editors at the magazine, who said they got HUNDREDS of negative letters (and hundreds of positive ones) about the issue. This one, I think sort of summed up the idiocy of the negative letters, and that’s why it was the one included.

    As a magazine editor, I have to say that letting people know how asinine some of the letters are that comes in is a good thing. It lets people know what the magazines are up against, and how perverted some people’s judgement is.

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    I think Ruth allowed that letter to publish just to inspire discussions like this, and to expose the ugly, bigoted, ignorant attitudes that persist to no small degree in this country. Unfortunately, that reader’s opinion isn’t an isolated view.

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Matt.

  5. Diane says

    I disagree they should have published it. This isn’t an objective news journal that has to be held to the standards of “objective reportage.” The editors can choose to present what they like, and make the magazine as they wish. They can set the tone – high or low as they like. They have no obligation to provide opposing views. In this case the letter degraded the conversation. OK…there are racist people out there. This is news? They would have been better to leave it out, and shine with what they can do rather than give voice to ignorance.

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    Apparently, my witty riposte is the lead letter to the editor in the new issue.

    I can’t WAIT to see it. (Damn those slacker newsstand stocking gnomes!)

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