Saveurpétit. Bon Asaveur.

Somewhere, in fancy offices from Los Angeles to New York, there are two art directors scratching their heads simultaneously.

Hey, it happens. I get it. But wow. Just wow.



  1. says

    Wasn’t it wonderful when Saveur made a point of NOT putting a turkey on the cover of their Thanksgiving issue?


  2. Mason Jeffries says

    Actually, check out the cover of the new Martha Stewart Food issue for the triple whammy.

  3. says

    I have to say I agree — neither looks very yummy. Being food mags the subject matter is only so debatable. Although composition could be more unexpected.

  4. kitchenbeard says

    Oh dear…. perhaps I should apply for a job at one of those places because you know heads are gonna roll.

  5. says

    that happened to us once with two ALBUMS. we both release albums with the same stock photo being used on the cover.

    not good.

  6. says

    At least Saveur has some green beans on the plate. Bon Appétit? Sage? Hellllloooooooo? You can roll that into a doobie for after dinner, but don’t eat it. (However, Saveur’s gravy looks like, well, let’s not go there. Unappetizing, oui.)

  7. says

    we have SAVEURS (with a S) in France, and in french … I am very addict to it: les recettes sont terribles ! I never heard of Bon appétit ?

  8. says

    I’m not sure what the bellyaching is about. I’d eat both of those, and they don’t look at all similar to me.

    Last I checked, Thanksgiving happens every year and features a lot of food. Much of the food each year is very similar the year before it. I’ll report back in early December if this year is different.

  9. says

    Guilty, I can’t speak for the others who have left comments, but I was referring to:

    – Left hand light source with slight fill from the right side on both covers

    – Napkins folded and placed on right side of plate on both covers

    – Overhead photography with plate filling about 75% of frame on both covers

    –White plate and white surface on both covers

    -Same turkey slices and gravy on both covers

    I could probably go on. But on second thought, you’re right. They’re not similar at all. My bad!


  10. says

    Well… I wouldn’t have seen all that technical stuff, but I have been a subscriber to 18 magazines simultaneously at one point in my life, the majority of them food magazines, and usually the Thanksgiving/Christmas issues feature like whole turkeys. I’ve quit all the U.S. food publications (except Saveur, and Martha for the love to hate her, sorry for dissing your friend Matt) in favor of Australian publications, so I have no idea what Thanksgiving looks like lately…

    But these do look kinda similar.

    If both had chosen a clove-studded ham that would have probably been funnier.

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