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    I don’t watermark, but it’s on my to-do list for ’08.

    I get pix stolen all the bleeping time. Which just floors me — they’re usually not even the pretty ones!

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    Watermarking really detracts from the overall artistry of an image. And if you place it where it doesn’t detract, then it’s easy enough to crop out. That said, some twerp stealing a copyrighted photo without my permission really detracts from my ability to function as a peace-loving individual. I insert a copyright notice in my metadata on all images taken on my cameras, but that doesn’t prevent people from snarfing images and posting them to their sites (I have hotlinking shut off at least).

    And yes, Anita – the first version asked that question :)

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    That’s funny…

    Quote John Mayer “you love my meals and want to see more!!”

    so here’s some pix, dirtied up with text overlay!

    and just when I was going to steal them for my next cookbook. 😉

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    This is hilarious, but also scarily canny, since it seems that suddenly bloggers everywhere are watermarking and copyrighting each photo. Can anyone explain why copyrighting on the page where they’re displayed isn’t enough? I honestly don’t get it. But my photos stink so maybe I’m just poorly acquainted with the vitriol produced from having them stolen. :)

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    Pretty hilarious…maybe his sound engineer suggested that after learning that he’s a legal freak… (post with cool birthday cake of a sound board / mixer).

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