by Matt on November 16, 2007

Each week I get 10-15 emails asking me about photography and photo gear. What do I use? Which lens do I shoot with? How do I use natural light? In a nutshell it really depends on the project itself (35mm digital, medium format, film, etc.) I love each and every email but ever since making the switch from semi-pro to real photographer shooting for some amazing clients (which I’ll reveal in good ole ’08) I haven’t been as punctual as I like. But my emails back to you will always – I repeat ALWAYS – include a link to my friend Lara’s site.


As she’s done for the past few years, she’s just blogged about her guide to photography gear and if you haven’t read it it’s worth taking a look at it. From lenses to lights to workflow, she sums up her set up and provides some valuable photo information. It truly is a great resource!

Check it out!

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