Egg Nog and Sun Screen

by Matt on December 17, 2007


Armed with a pocketful of outdated 120 film and a Mamiya 645 I hit the streets of my sleepy beach town this past Saturday morning to re-familiarize myself with film. Film! I have an assignment next month––my first international collaboration––and since I’m headed somewhere beachy and warm I decided to use Long Beach as a stand-in. Hey, my street doubles for the Miami neighborhood on the TV show "Dexter", it might be a decent stand-in of the Caribbean for me.

Ok, it wasn’t really. Not at all. But it was worth a shot.

As I walked around the beach, watching the joggers, bikers and volleyball games in action, it made me realize that while I’m filled with the Christmas spirit and visions of sugar plum fairies dance in my head, it can be a bit difficult to truly embrace the season when it’s sunny and warm with cool ocean breezes caressing your skin. But no matter where I am and where I celebrate, I’m blessed and happy to be alive and thankful for a season that truly brings people together.

Sometimes there’s really not much more you can ask for.