Best. Year. Ever.


Note: It must be the the time of year — this
blog has been light on the food and heavy on the reflection. Please
bear with me as I’ll be back to food in the new year!

How many people can say their dreams come true on a daily basis? I think I can.

just a scant amount of time left in 2007 I wanted to take a moment and
offer gratitude to each of you. This year has simply been one of the
most amazing years of my life and I must pause to say thank you.

do hope you’re not sick of me giving thanks; it’s something I learned
to do early on and an act I take to heart. Without thanking the powers
that be – including my friends, family and readers – I don’t think I’d
be able to appreciate all of life’s riches and experiences that are
before me. My heart is so full with dreams realized and happiness and
love and I owe every single bit of it to those all around me.

this year began with an amazing repeat visit to Argentina with my
partner Adam and good friends Dana and Jason. Connecting with people
and sharing experiences with others a world away makes me a happier
person, and meeting everyone along that journey puts a smile on my face
as I type this. I love meat. I adore the open spirit and generosity of the folks in
South America and cannot wait to return. I’m also thankful to have
connected with so many people on the east coast this year through a few
trips to New York City.  First, my friend Alex has inspired me in way
he probably has no idea, and I’m glad to call him a friend. His sister?
Divine. And the amazing cast of characters that have welcomed me with
open arms and offered me a roof over my head: thank you. Mom, Dad,
Angela, Lori, Jim, DJ, Owen, Zoe, Joab, Lia — gracias.

well, back to that dreams coming true part. More happened for me
professionally in this year alone than I can even begin to comprehend.
First, I thank David for allowing me to be a charter member of the
Aperture Professional Users Group, putting me in the company of some
amazing photographers. And if you don’t use Aperture, well, get on
that, seriously!  I want to thank Martha & Meredith at Whole Foods
for asking me to teach a sold-out class and to everyone who attended it
in New York, and I want to thank Marisa at Gourmet Magazine for being a
friend. And since I’m on the Conde Nast tip, I want to thank rhe folks
at Bon Appetit for their time back in September. David Lebovitz, the
judge called. To Mario, un abrazo! To Jeff Kauck in Chicago, you are an
inspiration. A big giant thanks to Gabriel (you know why) and to Ellen
at Jupiter Images/ Foodpix for welcoming me into their world and
believing my work is good enough. To Jon & Denise & Cindie, a
million thanks and working on a book with you was amazing. To all my
fellow bloggers, Serious Eats and Culinate — I can’t thank you enough.
And to the folks who took a chance on a new photographer (or an old
designer, however you want to look at it) I am also deeply thankful for
the opportunities to work together. I never thought I’d be doing
something so challenging and rewarding and it fills me with such peace,
happiness and satisfaction.

And to my partner Adam? A more perfect man has never existed (ok, my
Dad, so Adam is #2).  I won’t get mushy here, let’s just leave it at
that. I could do nothing without him, plain and simple.

I sound like a damn broken record! Augh!

So what does 2008 hold?
Your guess is as good as mine.  There are some amazing projects coming
up and I’m being completely honest when I say I’m living the life of my
dreams and none of it would have ever happened without this silly lil

And I thank you.

Yes, you.

Everyone who’s stopped by, left a comment, sent an email, made me laugh and think — all this is for you.

I only hope I can give back as much as I felt I’ve taken.

Bless you all and I hope you have the best holiday ever! And 2008!

Oh, and try not to get too crunk with the New Year’s festivities, will ya?


  1. says

    I’m so glad I found your blog, and I mean every word of that. I love it! Hey I’ll try to keep my crunkness to a minimum heheh.

    Happy Hols my friend, and may all your dreams continue to come true.

  2. says

    I´m very glad, Matt, and it´s great that you mention it so often, and give thanks for it. There are too many grumpy people around. It´s been a great year for me too, so far. ¡Feliz Navidad!

  3. says

    Thank you Matt, I’m quite a new visitor, but I just love your place. Thanks for sharing beautiful things!!! Have a Merry Xmas and a great New Year too!

  4. says

    P.S. I’m so geeked to see your pink tree, that’s what I wanted, but that idea got the nay-no, so I got a white one instead.

  5. says

    A great year for you Matt. Wonderful.

    This picture also makes me really smile! Such humor, and intelligence in it!

    Happy happy holidays to you, the dogs, cats and Adam! Hopefully we will see each other again in January, yeah!

  6. tulip says

    I am a newcomer to your blog but I have to say that I am thankful for it! You put out such a positive vibe and I love reading you!
    Happy holidays and here’s to a great new year! With minimum crunkage, natch. :)

  7. says

    no, no, no thank you! you help make my dreams come true each day as well. i feel like you are my angel in the sky that i go to for advice, sanity and satisfaction via email & blog. i likely have this whimsical view of you since we have yet to meet! ah… soon enough. food, wine, and Linda awaiting your visit to NYC.

    brilliant photo. yours is in the mail…. finally!

  8. says

    Best. Christmas Photo. Ever.

    Matt, I am SO GRATEFUL that you’re out here in the blogsphere, creating gorgeous work, sending out hilarious/witty/zany posts, and gracing the world with your beautiful self.

    Big hugs, and a very Merry Christmas/Hannukah/Kwaanza/Pink Tree Season to you and Adam and the fur-babies!

  9. Preston says

    I’ve enjoyed your blog but never made a comment until today. That photo is absolutely fabulous. Thank you and have a super holiday! You deserve all the good things that have been coming your way.

  10. says

    Matt, how wonderful that you’re having a great year. I don’t think anyone can give enough thanks. I mean, even though my professional and personal lives are tanking right now, I realize that I’m also very lucky to have a loving family, good friends and my health.

    Anyway, that’s one sexaaaaaaaay picture *winks*

  11. excelsior says

    I think you know you’ve grown up when you realize that none of us are here on our own.

    And, uh, MY guy is the best, sorry to your dad and Adam. They must be #2 and #3.

  12. says

    hi there, my first blog comment e.v.e.r!! just was browsing around and had to tell you that i LOVE your writing, photos, and design. and that kitty on the mantel must have been photoshopped in … otherwise, a real kitty (like mine) would have been knocking down all those purty shiny christmas balls! :)

  13. says

    Matt, that pic just fills me with Xmas cheer and makes my Grinchy heart grow at least three sizes. Too cute!!!

    Anyone else, I’d say the gratefulness is cloying, but I know it’s so genuine from you that it makes me all mushy and grateful too.

    I’m grateful that I met you this year and share in your enthusiasm for meats, sweets and all kinds of deliciousness.

  14. says

    you are the sweetest ever!
    i hope your christmas is beautiful.(how can it not be, with that PINK tree, i ask you??!!)
    much love to you and yours, matt!!!

  15. says

    You are indeed a lucky man, and a very mature one to realize and appreciate that. A very merry Christmas and safe, healthy and prosperous new year ahead to you and yours!

  16. says

    Thanks back at you, Matt. Without your blog I probably wouldn’t have MY blog, and so the chain of blessings grows. You and Adam have a glorious 2008.

  17. says

    Happy New Year and I hope you find 2008 even more wonderful than 2007.

    And I agree with all those previous posters who have proclaimed this the best Christmas picture ever. It is!

  18. pondhopper says

    i’ve just found you. You are cute. I love your smile, your humor about mosquito bites just tickled me. I moved to North Carolina and boy do I need this perspective. And after I thought I was done smiling, I found the photo of you in silk p.j.s What an adorable dude you are! I’ve got you on my RSS feed baby!

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